Millions of people struggle with anxiety attacks all over the world. For this category of people, battling out anxiety has proven to be one of their greatest headaches. Many people in this category have not been able to understand the simple fact that this complication is a controllable mental disorder. Over the years, professional have come up with simple yet effective ways of preventing anxiety. Consequently, many people who have put these steps into consideration have been successful in battling anxiety attacks. You only need to learn and put into action, these key strategies.

Occasional Breath Control

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Regular anxiety attacks are linked to poor breathing habits. By controlling your breath, one can effectively prevent anxiety attacks. The routine is so simple. If you note any anxiety symptoms, gently breath in through your for up to five seconds. Subsequently, hold your breath for another three seconds. Breathing out should not be rapid and abrupt. Instead, breathe out slowly through your lips for an average of seven seconds. Repeating this activity for twenty minutes has the effect of controlling carbon dioxide balance in your body.

Engage in Aerobics

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Simple aerobics like fast walking and occasional jogging can be very effective in preventing anxiety attacks. Most cases of anxiety are results of unnecessary concentration on particular issues. Regular exercises are perfect distractions that will take off your mind from such issues. Moreover, a simple exercise like thirty-minute walks tire the muscles, thereby reducing tension build up. Yet another positive contribution of aerobics in anxiety attack prevention is that enhances the release of endorphins, which are general mood enhancers. Most importantly, simple and regular exercises play effective roles in burning and away harmful stress hormones. The overall effect is that you will be free from anxiety symptoms.

Get Sufficient Sleep

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Yet another effective strategy in preventing anxiety attacks involves getting sufficient night’s sleep. Lack of enough sleep is key in triggering anxiety attacks. A good sleep makes you relaxed and keeps your mind open; free from anxiety. For those having sleeping problems, you can engage in several activities that encourage sleep. Activities like taking warm baths, listening to soothing music, and taking several deep breaths before sleep are known to trigger long and peaceful sleep. Take time to enjoy your sleep and you will not only be free from occasional anxiety attacks but also saved from unnecessary stress.

Know And Challenge Your Anxious Thoughts

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One undoubtable fact is that anxiety attacks originate from our thoughts. Anxiety starts from the brain and spreads down to the other parts of the body. Having this in mind, you should find out what causes your mind the unnecessary anxiety thoughts. You can only manage what you know. What is responsible for your worries? After figuring out the sources of anxiety,single them out and challenge your thoughts. Are those thoughts really worth the effects they have on you? Sit down and note the unhelpful thoughts that can cause you anxiety and make a deliberate decision of changing. Simply face the problem instead of avoiding it!