I am sure that somewhere, someplace, the benefits of the multitudes of minerals with the black mud harvested of the banks of the Dead has reached your ears. It is thick, rich, and packed with skin-penetrating goodness that is even used by spa professionals in order to moisten, purify, and ease rheumatic aches and to relax muscles and skin, stimulating the skin cells natural healing process. The relaxing process of this treatment also has shown to provoke a soothing feeling of inner tranquility as well.

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Although years of research have been poured into how exactly this rich concoction of elements exactly works has still not been completely resolved, some very likely theories have been developed over the years. It is said that enveloping the skin in Dead Sea mud, warmed previously for best results, forms almost like a force field over the skin, protecting it from outside chemicals in the air and increasing the body’s overall temperature. The warmth of the product aids in stimulating blood flow, and the minerals within the mud penetrate the skin through the tiny blood vessels located on the surface of the skin. This process of absorption in enhanced by the protective layer in which the mud provides, and blood travels through the body quickly delivering nutrients due to the heat. With some light exfoliation, the mud helps to wash away pore-clogging dead skin cells and draws away toxins. This heat also stimulates skin cell reproduction, and increases metabolism as well. Yet another benefit which is claimed is that the mud’s heat works on breaking down stubborn pockets of fat and keeps moisture from escaping, leaving skin looking and feeling moist and rosy.

Some of the minerals within the mud include sodium, magnesium, iron, chloride, calcium and iron, and patients with minor skin illnesses such as acne and eczema have experienced benefits as well using this Dead Sea mud on their skin. Although the product may be difficult to come across and perhaps may get your bathtub dirty, it is definitely something worth considering if you seek to improve your skin in a natural, scientifically researched way.69734_481149967499_7111301_n