Today, internet has been flooded with millions of blogs. Nowadays, majority of the people go for blogging not for their love or passion for blogging but for making money online. To be successful in making a blog and attract a huge number of audience is not that much difficult. The major troublesome task is to generate a huge amount of income online through WordPress blogging. Since the year 2007, very fewer blogs have succeeded in making some money while a majority of them fail. Advertising rates are so low that you can’t generate some good numbers of money. However, writing some quality content on your blog, attracting a huge audience by indulging them in your blog is a slow process but still a good source of earning.

The competition is quite very tough. Within this piece of content, we will be discussing some of the great techniques and strategies to earn a good income through WordPress blogging. This content will surely be helpful and effective enough for all the bloggers.

Smarter ways to make money with WordPress blogging:

People are generating huge tons of money through WordPress blogging by using various techniques and strategies. Here are some great effective and smarter ways to make money with WordPress blogging. Let’s have a look at the detailed description of these useful ways.

  1. Develop WordPress Themes:

If you think of yourself as a good web designer or a good web developer, then you can go for making money through developing WordPress themes. Remember that you don’t have to be an extraordinary coder or an expert web developer for this work. You just need to focus on your targeted audience, what and for whom you are designing; that’s enough. If you can’t handle this work individually, then you can opt for teamwork as well. Today, we have a number of popular companies who are doing the business of developing and designing superb WordPress themes and thus generating huge income through this business. These great sites include the names of Authentic Themes, Studio Press, and Thesis. Now you’ve got two choices to sell your own designed and developed WordPress themes. One is to sell through your own blog/site, while another is to sell on other popular sites like Themeforest, Creative Market, and Mojo Themes.


  1. Creating and Selling Plug-in:

Those who have used WordPress must be aware of one thing, that is, it can’t be used without certain plug-in. Now there are two types of plug-in available i.e., free plug-in and premium plug-in. Plugins are used to help a blog get successful. They are the additional/extra features which make the blog better. If you are good at creating plug-in, then you can go for this business. Create such a plug-in that your audience would be interested in buying and it should be useful enough for your audience. There are many sites like Pippins Plug-in or FooPlugins which are creating and selling their plug-in. A useful plug-in example is Comment Luvs commenting link back plug-in. This plug-in helps the site free from any spam comments. Moreover, you can sell your plug-in using your own blog/site or else you can sell them on other sites like Code Canyon, etc.


  1. WordPress Consulting Services:

If you have enough advanced knowledge about WordPress, then go for it. This business may include creating a custom site for clients/customers, teaching WordPress tutorials to beginners, fixing WordPress issues or errors, etc. The best way to generate huge income through this business is to create a good portfolio, offer some of your consulting services and products for free to some well-known and expert bloggers. Also, provide the audience with a feedback form to give their reviews about your services.


  1. Blog Setup Service:

If you have got some technical knowledge, then you can start up this business. Many people don’t know how to involve WordPress in their blogs; they require some guidance and seek for blog setup service. What you will be required to do is to install WordPress on the blog, upload a good WordPress theme and install some required plug-in with some other additional ones.


  1. Content Writing Service:

You can offer your content writing services online if you are good at writing. You can get content writing orders online at ProBlogger Job Board, Fiverr, Elance, LivePerson, Odesk, people per hour, etc. Or visit other blogs who need content writers.


If you know some more great strategies to earn money with WordPress blogging, feel free to share with us.