Truly Thankful Thursday

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I got up this morning thankful but tired. Tired because I had a late night and I tossed and turn when I finally got to bed. Somewhere in between going to sleep i remembered….It’s going to be Thursday. I smiled to myself…Thursday, the threshold of the weekend, rest, sleep late, relaxation…my friends, gosh I love Thursdays. I finally snuggled into bed with my thoughts at rest somewhat. Enjoying the fact that Threshold Thursday is upon me. I went to sleep contended that the week is almost over. …..To get up to the sound of my alarm clock mere minutes before I fell asleep.

Urghhhhhhhhhh. I dislike the weekdays. However I am thankful for LIFE, and a sound MIND. I was reminded of my creator and his mercies towards me. The mere fact I am alive this morning shows a God who is interested not in the mess I have made of my life and the people that I have hurt, but he is interested in me. A crazy, unworthy person like me.

After that though Thursdays will be Thankful Thursday from now on…One more day to the weekend, but it’s also one more day to experience LIFE, PEACE and LOVE.

Pulling my bun back, I looked at myself in the mirror and thanked God for the gift of LIFE on this THANKFUL THURSDAY morning.

Have a great Day everyone!!!

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