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The holidays are almost gone and I just remembered I have a blog…Funny me….The holidays are crazy, family, friends, fun and food. Lots of food, Of course I did not eat much because I would have regretted it in aa couple of months.


Christmas here is fantastic, not a winter wonderland type of christmas, but a warm sunny  christmas. That I am grateful for. The local christmas tunes like parang and  christmas soca filled the air. The smell of local ham and goodies baking. The smell is a reminder of the season.

Not forgetting the kids. Their fun and excitement throughout the season reminds me of my childhood.  The carefree lifestyle and the excitement to open gifts and compare all of them. Such a joy…

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Then my mind wandered to those who have not and those who have little. Sadness filled my heart, maybe this year I will do a bit of voluntary charity work. So I got out there on Boxing day and brought some joy and cheer to a few kids. After all isn’t that nt what the season is about? Not some commercialized  holiday where the rich get richer and the poor…remains sad and get poorer.

Christmas should be different for me from now on. the best christmas gift I got, was to present gifts to those less fortunate.

Happy Christmas to me!!!