Top ten skin care tips

The human skin is the largest part of the human. It is delicate and very sensitive to the environment as well as temperature conditions, chemicals such as body creams, oils and all sorts of skin care products. It is very normal for people to take extra care of other parts of their body which they think is more important than the skin, this includes, the heart, kidney, liver etc. but the skin gets overlooked. Some people take time out to apply a little sunscreen before they go out on a sunny day or hit the beach but that’s about how much care the skin gets. However this is not what dermatologist recommends. The human skin, just like every other part of the human body needs adequate care to stay healthy. This just means that every human being needs to give the skin some attention every day. Most of this stuff might just sound like the everyday advice we get to make us looking young and healthy, but they in one way or the other benefit the skin immensely. In a not so orderly manner, I present to you top ten skin care tips.

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  1. Focus your attention on the regular skin concerns; such as the breaking of the skin, wrinkling and tanning of the skin. This would help you in selecting products that can tackle such problems effectively.
  2. Drink “clean” water; yes, it is true that drinking adequate water helps in cleansing the skin, but we should ensure that the water we consume is ideal for cleansing our body internally. Clean water is very important for detoxification, as it flushes out dangerous toxins that the body is exposed to on a daily basis.
  3. Exercise regularly; studies have shown that the blood is the transporter of nutrients needed by the skin to keep it glowing and alive. So the more you exercise and break a sweat, the faster the heart pumps blood needed to move all through the body. The nutrients transported by the blood help the skin glow and repairs damaged skin cells.
  4. Maintain a healthy diet; humans need to realize that the food we take in, has a role to play in the balancing of the blood sugar level. Eating meals that have high levels of sugar results to high blood glucose which causes poor skin and inflammation.
  5. Wash your skin regularly; it is important to keep the pores of the skin clear as this reduces the chance of it developing spots or any skin related infections.
  6. Keep stress levels very low; high levels of tension can cause hormonal production, which leads to skin break out. Minimizing stress levels keeps your skin calm which in turn leads to a healthier skin.
  7. Keep the soda intake on the minimum; besides making us grow big and fat, studies have shown that the sodium in soda makes the eyes puff out. Switching to a sodium free diet might prove to be the best way out.
  8. Cut down the sweets; just like sodium, sugars are not so good for the skin. This is because the breaking down of sugars by the body damages the collagen, which keeps the body fresh and smooth.
  9. Keep your bowels clean; constipation and slow or poor bowel movements can build up toxins in the body and this leads to dry skin.
  10. Get enough sleep; getting as much as 7-8 hours sleep is good for the skin as a tired skin ages quicker.

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