With You in Mind

There are a plenty smokers out there. Men catch up with smoking quickly under the influence of friends and peers. However, it takes time for women to undertake this habit. Statistically speaking, there are more men addicted to smoking than women and this brings out a very niche topic in question – male health.

According to a survey, 56% percent of all men and 43% of all women smoke whilst socializing. This is a serious issue which addresses male health as more than half the men in the world have caught up with this dreadful carcinogenic habit which over time, inherently affects their health.

However, this is not all. There are several male health problems predominant in the society. Heart diseases are prevalent among most black men as compared to white men.  Also, there have been about 2.8 million men who have had stroke attacks and high blood pressure. Moving on from heart diseases, the other most common diseases COPD and several other respiratory diseases which claim problems regarding to male health.

Apart from smoking, men are also fond of consuming copious amounts of alcohol from time to time. This might seem like a social trait; however, it has huge effects on male health. The average alcohol drinker gets vulnerable to cancer of the mouth, throat, oesophagus, liver and colon. Depression might be a very uncommon reason that affect male health, however the staggering statistics suggest otherwise. Depression usually leads to suicide among men, but also leads to several other innumerable problems.

Accidents are another reason, while driving under depression or operating heavy equipments under the influence could lead to fatal injuries or injuries that drastically affect the health of men. Liver disease is up next on the list of the common effects of male health. Cirrhosis, viral hepatitis, liver cancer and so on are diseases which mainly hit the male population. Diabetes awareness has been out there for some time now, however, death due to diabetes is also a common example. People tend to ignore diabetes and it has huge effects on male health. HIV or AIDS is next on the list considering the unprotected intercourse habits of most males. This leads to deadly diseases which negatively affect male health.