It’s quite rare to find a woman who doesn’t take beauty seriously. On the other hand, most men seem to relish the caveman look and as such spend little time seeking ways to improve their looks and grooming themselves.

The feet are a much neglected part of the anatomy, for most men anyway. There are so many men walking around with corns and calluses and generally bad looking feet that you would be forgiven for thinking the hobbits weren’t really fictional characters. This is surprising because it’s quite easy to care for the feet. You don’t have to spend tens or hundreds of dollars in a salon; you could take care of your feet in the comfort of your own home.

The first and most obvious is to trim your toenails regularly. This isn’t difficult; a pair of nail cutters and a file is all you need. Trim the toenails making sure not to cut to deep, to avoid ingrowing toenails and then use a file to smoothen the edges. You should know that untrimmed toenails are major causes of black nails and blisters.

Some of you have really hard nails, I got you covered. All you need is a bowl of hot water, not piping hot, you’re not trying to cook. Pour some cold water until it’s hot enough to be tolerated and soak your feet in it for five to ten minutes. This should soften the nails up and make it easier to trim.

Since you’ve already got your leg in the hot water, you might as well take the opportunity to take care of those corns and calluses. A pumice stone is a rough stone that can be found in most beauty shops, use one to gently rub over the rough skin and removing the dead skin. It is important not to use razor blades or sharp objects on your feet. You can never be too careful and injuries are just a route for infections to enter your feet.

Most foot infections occur around the toes, this is because between the toes are hard to reach so are rarely cleaned. These areas are also slightly warmer than others which favor growth of infection causing organisms. If there is suspicion of an infection, see a doctor.

Many people, I’m looking at men again, are top embarrassed to remove their shoes in public because of the fouling of the air that is sure to follow. That easy to take care of too, all you need is careful washing of the feet and good care of your socks and shoes. There are many documented easy for getting rid of foul odors in shoes like stuffing newspapers in them overnight. Also avoid wearing socks and shoes for a prolonged period of time as most shoe and feet odors are caused by sweat.

These few tips should be able to get your feet in top shape, so this summer; you can finally wear those pair of sandals you have been saving since three summers ago, and you know…walk the walk.