As the saying goes lemons are super food .why? Because lemon juice is the best natural medicine in the universe, and so 10 benefits of using lemon juice with hot water are:

*Supports Weight Loss

Today women’s complains about losing their weight but none of them are able to succeed by rather worsen their problems by taken in drugs that damage their immune system or delegate organs. But lemon juice is there to provide solution .Beyond the outmoded notion that lemon that the master cleanses was the only way lemon could help is a capital letter False. Why that, because today studies has proven that lemon juice supports your goals. It has pectin, a soluble fiber that has the ability to aid weight loss struggles.

*Indigestion and Constipation

Lemon juice which is normally called super food can helps cure problems related to constipation .I can attest to these facts that Dr.Oz said that lemon juice has the power from weight loss and eliminate waste products from our body when taken in. It also severed as blood purifier and cleansing agent.

*Hair Care

Many people’s goes for creams for proper hair growth but at lost their hairs. But  don’t worry lemon juice has proven itself in the treatment of hair care on larger scale .When having scalp ,lemons juice is the best to treat hair loss and other problems.

*Brings Fever Down

Forget are the days of starving a fever, but now lemon juice help treat a person who is  from a cold, Flu or fever .It help reduce fever by  increasing perspiration.

*Aid Dental Care

This in dental care when applied on the area of toothache and help you gets rid of pain. Lemon juice massages the gums to stop bleeding and provide good breathe.

*Internal Bleeding

Lemon has antiseptic and coagulant properties that stop bleeding .example cleanse one colon within five days. As human we need to maintain both physical and internal cleansing, because these help wash waste from once body.

*Throat infection

Lemon juice help dissolve lumps on the skin when applied at the infected area. It help prevent sore throat when mix with honey.


Some diseases like cholera and malaria can be prevent with the used of lemon juice with hot water.

*Respiratory disorder

Lemon juice help relieve respiratory disease such as Asthma attack .Because it has vitamin C.


It treats rheumatism and arthritis.

At point  I am very excited to announce to you that lemons juice has proven to be natures boon to everyone who use it.