Pregnancy is that beautiful time when you can put your feet up, get blissfully pampered, eat what you like without any guilt attached, right? Exercise doesn’t even come remotely in that list, does it? Well, according to the recent medical advice, it should. Wait a minute, is that safe? Will it affect the child? Here are the answers to your burning questions.

Even if you have never exercised before, pregnancy is a good time as any to start exercising. Though we are not suggesting the Rocky “Eye of the tiger” level of workout, you can start moving those limbs.

Of course, you have to consult your doctor before you start any kind of activity. Unless there are  complications or any specific health conditions, your doctor will give you the go ahead. We are sure that the list of benefits will surely make you start exercising right away.




1.      Fitter, Leaner And Brighter

Exercising to be moms are generally fitter, gain less amount of weight, look and feel brighter.

2.    Less Chances Of Medical Complications

Your weight and sugar levels will be more stable pregnancy. You also decrease your chances of developing gestational diabetes.

3.     Delivery Becomes Easier

As you are fitter, your pelvis also becomes stronger due to exercising. Your delivery becomes much easier, less painful and more likely to have a faster, normal delivery.

4.      Active Kids

Researches show that mom’s who exercised had normal, lighter, active babies. Whether you exercise or not, your baby will always get the nutrients he needs. So be active to get active kids.

5.     Be That Serene Goddess

Kiss goodbye to those crying binges, rapid mood swings and stress. Exercising releases those good chemicals called endorphins which will calm you and the baby’s mood.

6.      Happier Relationships

Exercising makes you less irritant, making your pregnancy experience far better for the people around you. Your husband can join you while you exercise, so your bond just gets stronger.

7. Bounce Back Easy
If you exercise during pregnancy, chances are that you will easily bounce back to your pre-pregnancy weight after delivery.


Any exercise that feels comfortable to you is safe. According to experts, you can run, dance, jog do anything you can as long as you don’t feel dizzy, nauseous, short of breath, pain in abdomen, and vaginal bleeding. Remember to take plenty of fluids before and after exercising.
You can start maybe with swimming or walking, then continue with some aerobics, water exercises, prenatal yoga or resistance training, pelvic floor exercises depending on your inclination. You can do abdominal exercises, depending on your comfort level.

Due to pregnancy, your body will be releasing the hormone Relaxin, that makes your limbs looser. So be careful not to hurt yourself in general, as your usual limb movements become different. It is best to avoid any exercise that involves balancing yourself like cycling, skiing, after the first trimester.

Happy exercising!!