Virtually everybody loves a freebie – at least the ones that I know. Throw in a quality product, and the freebie feels a lot sweeter. WP engine coupon codes afford user to get access to WP engine plans at a fraction of what the plans go for originally. There are many reasons for companies to create coupon codes, but they all center on marketing and enticing new users.  There are also a number of ways companies can go about creating coupon codes – a general coupon code, or channel specific coupon codes. We shall be examining all of these in this article, and also show you the latest WP engine coupon codes for WP engine hosting.

Before talking further about WordPress engine coupon codes, perhaps it will be beneficial to share the benefits of using WP engine hosting in the first place.

Benefits of WP engine hosting

Easy to use: In our review of WP engine hosting, we mentioned how easy it is to use, and how the panel you get is so much lighter on functions than the cPanel for regular shared hosting plans. And it is a result of the vision of the company; take the technical stuff off of the hands of businesses and individuals and ensure they can focus on their business – it is why they are called a “Managed WP host”. It is what makes them different.

Features: You have features like daily backups, a live staging area to preview your site before going live – whether new or after an edit, CDN (content delivery network), WPE SSL, malware scan, and other features that cover all your technical needs.

Customer Support: In our review we explained how things were a bit rocky  customer support, but I am glad to write that things have improved. They have added more support staff – as much as 50%, created a live chat for 24/7 access, and increased access to engineers for the more technical issues.

Uptime: While no hosting service can offer 100% uptime, anything above 99.9% is seen as a plus. For WP engine hosting, your site shouldn’t be down for a period more than 50 minutes in the whole year. And the way their server is arranged, hitches are never a general occurrence but specific to servers.

Speed and Performance: In our review, migrating to WP engine hosting reduced our page loading speed to a third of what it was. With features such as CDN, EverCache, and what the company calls “Secret Sauce”, your WP site speed and performance is assured.

So back to coupons…

Examples of WP engine coupons

33% off of the first three-month: Using this coupon code guarantees you a discount of 33% on any plan of your choice. And it is perhaps good for those still not sure about the platform – you can assess their service during this period, and make a concrete decision after the three months

20% off of your first payment (SPEEDUP): Using this coupon code gives you 20% off your first payment. If I might add, this coupon should be used if you want to pay for an annual plan- it makes more sense that way. You can save up to $500 on their business plan, and as much as $60 on a personal plan. However, the coupon is only valid for the personal, professional and business WordPress hosting plans.

Get Personal Plan at $4 per month (ARTOFBLOG): This plan only works for the personal plan, and for only three months – after which the price will be reverted to the regular $29 per month fee. You can save as much as $75 on your hosting in this period.

How to redeem your coupon code

Take the following steps to redeem your WP hosting coupon codes:

  • Visit the WP engine site and visit the “Pricing Page”
  • Select the plan the coupon code applies to; for example, if you want to use the $4 personal plan, select the “Personal Plan”
  • You will have to fill in your information in the sign-up form
  • Fill in the coupon code on the next page including your billing information. You account will be discontinued after seven days if you avoid filling your billing information.

And that is how to redeem your WP engine hosting coupon codes. We will continue to update the list of available coupon codes.