Invading your child’s privacy is one thing most parents find it difficult to do. In most cases, parents tend to issue every trust to their children just to make them feel very much comfortable with them and to give them a feeling they are getting things right. It can make you feel special having them feel that way but the consequences are paramount here to deal with and the fact that they are still teens. Let’s not lose the real stuff here, they are kids and demands your control to set their lifestyle on a clean path. You can never be too sure how easily they can be convinced to go against your moral standards. Don’t also forget that a feeling of trying out something new won’t ever leave teens.

Snapchat is a mobile application which enables quick share of pictures and videos. This can be done instantly while taking the images with a discrete class of friends. What entices teens with this app is the ability to caption or customize the images using different tools. Most interestingly, the shared images are ephemeral with the receiver. The app enables every user to see a number of likes one has received ever since using the app and no child wants to be odd, more counts make them feel as though they have explored more than every other friend if their counts are higher. So there’s competition with who has the higher count and this could send your child off the track you have set for him/her. Below are five reasons you need to monitor your child’s snapchat account.


Misunderstanding to the Security

The interesting factor of feeling secured while sharing any kind of image the app tries to offer could make your child share terrible images to their friends and still feel safe. In their mindset, the images won’t stay with the receiver longer than a few seconds or minutes. Parents, this is not the case please, one can set a phone on airplane mode and take a screenshot of the image apart from other means.

Cyber Bullying – A real Issue

Bullies can conveniently send threatening or images not suitable for your child. Worst is this would be achieved privately and the text or image would not be captured for recriminations. The result is a bad message to your child’s emotion which the child would rarely want to discuss.

Safeguard their reputation

Monitoring your child’s snapchat account would keep him or her away from sending a value which could affect your child’s reputation for the purpose of future dealings and a psychological damage that could cause.

Counter peer pressure

Being close to your child’s snapchat activity would help him or her in dealing with the pressure of doing something stupid compelled by someone they are communicating with.

Sense of caution

The message staying close sends to your child helps to curb extra activities with snapchat which is against your moral etiquettes. It totally eliminates the privacy tag which is not necessary as far as your child is communicating with friends you have no control over.