Grenada is an island country that is made up of Grenada and other six small islands. The country is located in the southeastern part of the Caribbean Sea, the southwestern part of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the northwest of Trinidad and Tobago, and the northeast of Venezuela.

The country also has a beautiful appellation: the Island of Spice. Grenada got this name from the huge volume of mace and nutmeg that is produced in the country because Grenada finds her place among the largest exporters of these spices in the world.

Grenada is a small country both in size and population. It has a population in the region of 110,000 and a land size of 344 square kilometers or 133 square miles. St. George’s is the country’s capital and she gained independence from her British colonial masters on February 7, 1974.

Grenada Holidays/Festivals


Grenada is a country with some notable holidays and festivals that you will find delightful if you witness them. A few of the important holidays and festivals here are Independence Day, Emancipation Day, Carnival Tuesday, Carriacou Regatta Festival, and the Spice Island Billfish Tournament, just to mention a few. These are festivals that express the deep culture of the people of Granada beautifully.

Grenada Food


Grenada, like all other countries of the Caribbean, has a variety of food and drink. If you are on holidays in Grenada, you might want to have a go at some of these delicacies such as seafood like lambi and crabs, callaloo soup, oil-down (a national dish with stew that is made with breadfruit, salted meat, carrot, celery, dasheen, and onion that are steamed in coconut milk.). Grenadians also feed on roti, a food that is made from bread or pastry filled with chicken, beef, or vegetables. For the drinks, there is the locally made rum and Carib, an excellent local beer.


Nightlife in Grenada


Grenada is a country full of fun.  The locals will treat you to the best reggae music and vibrant calypso. Most of the resorts in the country give tourists on holidays a dose of their night-time entertainment that includes discos, cabarets, and some well-organized shows. On several occasions in a year, the Grenadian Jazz Society is on hand to treat both locals and visitors to concerts in a couple of hotels. If you are in the country during such a concert, you will be amazed by the beauty of the nightlife in Grenada.

The best time to visit Grenada


Grenada is a beautiful country with a very hospitable and accommodating people. However, if you want to see this country at her best, it is of a great importance to have knowledge of the best period of the year to take a vacation to the country.

Grenada has two major seasons: dry season and wet season. I will advise you to avoid the wet season at all costs. Why? The wet season runs from June to November and you will witness rainfall at an average rate of 22 days per month. This implies that your chances of getting to the country on a day without any rainfall between June and November are slim.

On the other hand, from December to May, you have the dry season when you can enjoy your holidays to the maximum. This is the ideal time to have the fun of your life if you are on a vacation to this wonderful country because you will have the opportunity to avoid the heavy rains that are the signature of the wet season. The dark side of the dry season is the great influx of people who want to escape the cold weather in their countries.

What to do in Grenada


As a tourist in Grenada, you have an abundance of activities to keep you busy and make your visit a memorable one. You can pay a visit to some historic sites such as the Fort George, Carib’s Leap, and the Dougaldston Estate. If you are interested in bodies of water, a visit to the Sandy Island, Carenage, and Tyrell Bay will satisfy your cravings.

Regardless of when you pay a visit to Grenada, you will be treated to an amazing country with a wonderful culture and people.