Barbados is one of the small countries of the Americas. Barbados is an Independent island that has attained the status of a country. This small country has a landmass that is 23km in width and a modest 34 kilometers in length. This makes the peaceful country an area of just 432km2.  The country is about 2,600km southeast of Miami while other surrounding places include Trinidad and Tobago which is some 400 km away and 168km away from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Bridgetown is the capital of the country.

Barbados is endowed with both natural and man-made centers of attraction that draws people from all walks of life to the country to pay homage to the country as tourists. The country boasts of amazing bodies of water, sacred and religious sites, nature and wildlife areas, and some other points of landmarks or interests. These tourist centers make the country a sort of Mecca for fun-finding tourists on all around the world.

The island was first inhabited by the Amerindians before it was later occupied by Kalinago people over 8 centuries ago. In the 15th century, the Spanish navigators laid claim to Barbados before it was later taken over by the English in 1625. Since then, the country has grown from strength to strength, by being rated by the Corruption Perceptions Index of Transparency International on the same level with the United States just behind Canada.

Geography and climate


The boundary of the Caribbean Plates and the South American is the home to this marvelous island. Due to some subduction that makes Barbados rise for about 25mm in a thousand years, the land is composed of coral that is about 90meter thick. At the upper layer of the sediment, reefs reign supreme.

Barbados has only two seasons, the dry season and the wet season. The wet season is characterized by high rainfall while the dry season is marked by reduced rainfall or seizure of rainfall for a couple of months. The wet season is usually experienced from June to November while the dry season takes over from December and elapses in May. The country experiences an average temperature of between 70 to 80of (21to 31of) during the wet season and the temperature rises slightly to 73 to 88of (23 to 31of) during the dry season.


Barbados Festivals


There is no time of the year that Barbados is not celebrating one festival or the other. These festivals include carnivals, culinary, street fairs, sports festivals, and many cultural festivals too.

Some notable festivals that are celebrated by the natives include:

  • Agrofest Barbados.
  • Barbados Reggae Festival.
  • Independence Surf Festival.
  • Barbados Manufacturers Exhibition.
  • Barbados Historic Rally Carnival and more.


Barbados Foods


The natives have some delicacies you won’t mind having a taste of if you are on vacation in Barbados. The major foods here are listed below:

  • Cou cou: This is one of the most popular foods of the natives. To prepare this food, you need okra and cornmeal. Cou cou is customarily served with savvy and flying fish.
  • Flying fish: Just as the name implies, flying fish is steamed, fried, pickled or baked to prepare this delicacy. To bring out the real taste of this delicacy, spice it with pepper and onions.
  • Rice and peas: You can prepare a delicious rice and peas meal by blending pigeon peas with rice. The food is best served with pork, chicken, fried fish, or beef stew. If you want to go the full mile, spice it with cucumber, tomato, or lettuce.
  • Cutter: You get a cutter in Barbados by preparing a sandwich with ham, egg, or fish.

Restaurants in Barbados


Barbados boasts of some good hotels if you want to pass the night in the country. Some of these hotels are:

  • Angry Annie’s

One of the selling points of this restaurant that is located on the First Street of Holetown is its beautiful appearance. The façade is painted with bright blue and some touch of pink and orange to make it attractive. The restaurant offers some foods such as spicy curries and roasted Bajan chicken. If you are a vegetarian, you can order for some pasta dishes.



  • Fisherman’s Pub and Grub

This restaurant started out as a shop for beer, local rum, and some snacks. With the influx of foreigners on short-term and long-term visits to the country while on holidays, the management saw the need to expand it to cater to the needs of these visitors. The restaurant has many national dishes on its menu. You can order for local delicacies such as Cou cou, pepper pot, and flying fish from their menu.

When planning your next vacation, a visit to Barbados will be a good idea. You will experience the beauty of this great country first hand. An unforgettable experience it will be.