Inspiration Captions

Just thought of doing something “Out of the box” and fun.

A little quote I wrote ….enjoy.


I closed my eyes and the inspiration keeps pouring in. I am happy for the man Iโ€™ve become but then the beauty of life is not when you grow old, but when you achieve your dreams as you grow older. On your way to success, never give up, even if the world turns its back on you. Remember, there would be light at the end of the tunnel. So, I say โ€œOne love to that beautiful girl that will make a guy like me smile.โ€


Author: Writeaway

. I am an experienced prolific writer who is a native English speaker who has worked on several high-profile jobs. I specialize in article writing, academic writing, editing and blog writing etc. At the same time, I also like creating beautiful blogs, articles, and short poems. Welcome to the World of Professional Writers

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