Personality Development

Contrary to the popular believe, once can improve one’s personality. Previous it was believed that personality could not be changed. The famous Harvard psychologist, William James in 1890 wrote about how personality was set in plaster by early adulthood. This perspective thrived for more than a century. Nevertheless, the notion that personality is much more than a fluid has gained wide credibility over time. We have come to the point where we have to come to the realization that we have control and influence over which characteristics and traits that require refining or development.

What then is Personality?

This is the normal pattern of feeling, thinking, and behavior, which distinguishes a person from another. For example, when we make a statement such as saying someone has a “good personality” what is meant is that he or she is interesting, likable, and pleasant to be with. Nobody wants to be unattractive to others. To this end, a good personality is very important. According to statistics, about 85% of your happiness and success lies in how perfectly you are able to interact with others. At the end, it is your personality that plays a vital role if people will be attracted to your or shy off. So are there ways to help someone on how to improve the personality of an individual? Our physical appearance can be enhanced to a certain extent, nevertheless as humans we possess the power of improving our personality to whatever degree we want. However, the following are some ways of improving our personality.

  • Be a great listener: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was regarded to be among the most charming women in the world. Why? Because she nurtured the skill of a better listener. She has this ability to look someone in the eyes, hold on to every single word they spoke and make them feel valuable. This is something that is appealing to the world where selfishness reigns.
  • Read and develop your interests: Another way of improving your personality is by reading. The more you read and develop your interest; you become more interesting to others. Meeting new people gives you the prospect of sharing your knowledge and interchanges your views with them.
  • Be a good speaker: This connects to the point previously explained. Once you can be able to contribute to issues, you can also learn about how to talk about such issues with others. Not everybody can know about everything and it is refreshing to gain knowledge from others. Nevertheless, if you are shy, you can consider joining a group such as Toastmasters where they encourage you on talking about what you know.
  • Form your own opinion: What could be more irritating than you trying to making a conversation with someone who cannot have his or her own opinion. If you cannot expound on a conversation, it has nowhere to go. A unique outlook opens up everyone’s perception.
  • Meet New People: Ensure you put the effort in meeting new people mostly those who are not like you. Meeting new people not only broadens your horizons but also exposes you to quite a lot of different cultures and ways of doing things.
  • Be yourself: Next, after people who are irritation like those who cannot form, their own opinion is those trying to be who they are not. Trying to mold yourself to fit according to others or wanting to be accepted does backfire. Each of us is special and our specialty is express in diverse ways. Be yourself, do not be a photocopy. Be authentic.
  • Cultivate a positive attitude and outlook: Nobody wants to hang around sound one who is negative and sees the bad side of life ALWAYS. You will not like someone who complains about everything. Rather be different, be the one that brings light in a dark room. Do you want to know how to improve personality? See the best in things and people. Spread good cheer, smile warmly, and brighten others through your presence.
  • Be compassionate of others: Becoming compassionate is something you can integrate to your personality. Be accommodative not only to yourself but also to others. In this way, you not only add value to your life, but also to those around you.
  • Treat People with respect and exhibit Integrity: Honesty is a virtue; it makes you keep to your word. This makes you command respect, admiration, and gratitude of others. Thinking of how to improve your personality, and then improve on your respect and integrity.

As human beings, we do not only have the ability but also the power to shape how we want our personality to be. Once we make that decision of developing ourselves, it enables us to contribute as we ought to and make others happy.

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