A way out is an adventure game that is packed with action. The game is development was by Hazelight and its publishing by Electronic Arts. This games will only allow for online playing or local split screen cooperation. The game is programmed for two players and thus cannot be played by just one person. The game is not out yet as its release date is in 2018. The game was designed to be an action adventure taking its players through amazing experiences. The player characters in the game are Leo and Vincent are convicted felons who both have to breakout of the jail. To jailbreak as we saw in the poplar movie Prison break, it takes a lot of planning and a high level of cooperation to be successful. The focus of the players, their calculations and the planning against the unforeseen changes in the circumstances surrounding the jailbreak. The planning process is all part of the fun this action packed game has to offer. They players would have to cooperate with each other and understand each other’s game play and process to be successful at the jailbreak. They have to be willing to stand by sometimes to let each other function to the full capacity.

The game goes beyond the prison break as the characters jailbreak and become fugitive who are on the run against the law. They have to hide from law enforcement officers and have to hide for because of fear of being arrested and locked back up. The players have the chance to interact with many non-playable characters that exit in the game.

The developers of the game wanted to achieve a game that made players cooperate that will be on a whole different level. The game must be play with another person beginning to end and that makes it one of the most interactive games around. The game offers a variety of gameplay and put the players in different locations and different new scenarios throughout the play to keep them busy and active and makes the game in general a lot more interesting. The game characters Vincent and Leo have different personalities and different responses to the same situation. This feature or this characteristic will make it fun for places to assume any of the two characters and try attain as much fun as the game offers.

The game, A New Way Out, is action packed, adventurous and thrilling jailbreak game and this will interest players to the game. The jailbreak game was revealed in the Electronic Entertainment expo during the EA conference.  It is set to be released for Microsoft windows and PlayStation next year, 2018.  The game promises to be captivated with awesome graphics that will blow the minds of game lovers.