“Days Gone” is a new game in the action adventure and survival horror genre.  Developed by SIE Bend studios and publication, by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is set years after a devastating world pandemic. The game’s protagonist is Deacon St. John. He along with a few others survived the apocalypse that wiped out most of humanity. The protagonist, a former bounty hunter takes on the struggles of the post-apocalyptic world and goes on looking for a reason to live. The rest of humanity has been wiped out, either dead or turned into mindless zombies called ‘Freakers’ and they evolve so quickly it seems like they will take over the earth. There are two types of Freakers as revealed by the game’s developers, the Newts and Hordes. The game is a single player game that awards the player numerous ways to complete the game task. Mobility in the game is by vehicles and motorbikes which are used to explore the game world by the players. The goal in this action packed adventure game is to survive through the disaster and the devastation. They can be said to be walking dead whom just want to wreck the already destroyed would and build their own world. The fight for survival, the desperation, the pain seeing the family turned into walking dead or the Freakers as they are called. The remaining survivors in the game will be forced to form a bond to survive against the ‘Freakers’. Desperation ensues, friendships are formed, brotherhoods are tested, hope is fading but the surviving human have to pull through the emotions and fight for the survival of the rest of humanity.

The “Days Gone” game offers a highly possible post apocalypse scenario. The environments are empty and harsh, the fear of the unexpected. The freedom to check and search empty building and cars for survival material, the lights out situation that makes entry into buildings a lot scarier. The walking dead in the game, the Freakers are real like looking zombies in nature. The nature of the days and nights, the different feature they bring out in both humans and Freakers. The humans get more scared in the night and this is because the Freakers, get a lot more embolden and their hunger and thirst become a lot more enhanced. They become more aggressive at night but during the day, they are left powerless and weak making the human the strong ones in that period.

The weather conditions have been affected by the whole apocalypse and more strange patterns have emerged. The protagonist, Deacon St. John could be in a pristine forest, a snow field and in the next he is struggling to survive a desert lava. The enemies abound and in addition to the human drifters, marauders and militants, the Freakers remain voracious and Deacon must defeat them by learning their characters and abilities.  Its action, adventure and horror, all in one.