Killing floor is a video game developed by and was published by Tripwire interactive. Following its release as an Unreal tournament in 2004 and subsequent modification in 2005, the release of the game to the general public followed in the month of May of 2009 for Microsoft Windows and for OS X on 5th of May 2010. The Linux version of the game was released on the digital distribution platform Steam in the month of November of 2012.

The killing floor game gives players the ability to move in the 3D environment and is a first person shooter game. Killing floor’s gameplay is made up of two main parts, the killing floor and the objective mode. The theme of the game is the fighting of Zombie-like beings and after each wave of zombies or after each round of fight, the tougher it becomes. This goes on until the ‘the boss zombie’ is battled. At each stage of the battle, prices are won and game money is awarded to the player after each successive kill. This money can be used to buy weapons, arms and ammunitions from traders that stay at different designated location to discourage the players from being sedentary. The boss zombie is called the ‘patriarch’ and he fights last after all other rounds have been won by the player. There is room for improving weapons purchased and one the gamer’s virtual character.  Killing floor game gives the gamer the ability to set preferred game lent and the time of each round of fight.  The game is multiple player and the more the number of players at a time, the more Zombie-like beings there are to fight. The objective mode was added in 2013 and players had to complete other tasks in each round while fighting simultaneously.

The game, killing floor was created in 2005, it was a hit and this made Tripwire offer a deal to its developers to transfer the game to their game Red Orchestra, the deal was not accepted at the time. After a while, there was a reduction in game sales, the lead developer of the game contacted Tripwire to renegotiate a deal and that followed through. Tripwire became the developers of killing floor in 2009. In 2012, the launch of the Linux version of the game other servers and digital distributors were stopped from distributing the game and the rights to distribute the game was with steam exclusively. Steam gives users a platform to download games and other software which they had in their local library.

Killing floors was rated highly and due to its availability on steam, sales went up. The steam platform provides automatic game installation and update. Steam provides other community features such as friend list and groups. The digital distribution hub also allows gamers cloud save and chat during games.   The platform is multi lingual and affords users over different parts of the world access to the killing floor games directly from steam. The platform keeps on improving and setting standards that help game developers to achieve the most from their game projects.

This game and its method of distribution via steam was a stellar idea. It is the work of beautiful minds in the game industry.