Kingdom hearts is a game series franchise owned by the Walt Disney Company. Developed and published by Square Enix. The game series is set in a universe created specifically for the game series. The game is in the action role-playing, hack and slash genre. The series focuses mainly on one character being the protagonist called Sora and this follows the life and journeys of Sora. The characters in the movie are mainly Disney characters. The game series is so far an eight part series. Being a very popular game among game lovers, the series has sold a whooping 25million copies worldwide.

Kingdom hearts first released in japan in the year 2002 for the PlayStation, the series involves the play of characters, the dark force in the series called the heartless. The game is mainly in Japan and North America. Kingdom hearts: chain of memories, the release of this as a direct sequel to the original and a bridge between the first and the next by showing links that would be followed in the next and telling the gamers how the game flow through to the next one. The gameplay here was different from the first game in the series and it engages card game mechanisms in real time. A year after the release of the kingdom hearts I, in 2005 kingdom hearts II was launched in Japan and the game further explores the idea of ‘hearts’. New villains called the ‘nobodies’ were introduced into the game series. Kingdom hearts has episodes released and adapted to the Nintendo DS. The game has several series for PlayStation, mobiles and Nintendo DS. The game talks about a lot of Disney characters which makes it easily relatable for the gamers as many of these characters are already known. The presences of goofy and Donald Duck as ‘friends’ to Sora give the character a fan base  already since the two are already  favorites  on the Disney show. King Mikey mouse is also in good play in my opinion. The game takes us between world where good defeats evil and protects the innocent people from the ‘heartless’ and the ‘nobodies’ and stop them from devouring the rest of the world. The plot twist where maleficent is not the true orchestrator of evil but in this case a messenger of sorts leaves one with a level of surprise and shock. In the chain of memories, the search for the friends of the main character Sora and king Mikey leads them trio on a great adventure and to meet various villains firstly the heartless and then the nobodies. The evil ‘nobodies’ manipulate the trio with a girl called Namine. But the plans of the evil groups did not work since they were defeated and Namine helped the trio regain their memory so they could continue in their search. The switch of Sora to a ‘heartless’ is an unpredictable turn of events and a major plot twist.

Sora awakens from and sleep and reunites with his friends and continues on the search until they find King Mikey. The story graduates from one event to the next and each leaving gamers with a bit of suspense making them want the next part of the game series even more. In the Disney game, the Paopu fruit which is a star shaped fruit that is indigenous of the Destiny Islands was featured quite a number of times. The Paopu fruit, according to legend, “if two people share one, they are forever intertwined. They remain parts of each other no matter what”. This makes the fruit of great importance to the story because it may be the link as to why Sora goes on these adventure. Although it hasn’t been seen that the fruit was shared in the series but it has been showed in a few scenes. For example the Paopu fruit was mentioned in the first game when Riku, Sora’s friend was explaining the fruit to Sora while they were in Destiny Island. Riku throws on Paopu fruit to Sora and tell him the legend behind it. Later on in the same game, Riku bets with Sora that whoever wins the race must shar a Paopu fruit with Kairi, although Riku claimed to be joking about it at the end. Both Sora and Kairi drew pictures of themselves giving the other person a paopu fruit. In the chain of memories, the fake good luck charm given to Sora by Namine was shaped like a paopu fruit.

The link to this friendship might just be in the Paopu fruit but we will have to wait for the kingdom hearts III where the trio once again band together to defeat the villain Master Xehanorts plans, coming face to face with both heartless and nobodies in this game and in new territories not stated in the earlier series. It promises to be exciting.