Its Thursday and somehow I am not to excited.

I sat on my porch and watched a spider tried to reach the top. The more he spun the more the wind blew, making it difficult to reach his destination. At times he will stop spinning and rest. When he gathered enough strength he will continue his upward discourse. I looked on as this tiny creature, determined to reach his goal (my porch ceiling), never, never gave up.

What an inspiration he was to me. Talk about endurance, persistence and HOPE he showed. man! Awesome… Really! It brought to mind a simple scripture verse- “God uses the simple things of this world to confound the wise”.

But I have HOPE.

My neighbor across the street got diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Her daughter is just 5, she has HOPE that she will live to see here turn 23 and graduate.

I just wrote 50 articles for a guy who could not even give me his real name on  and promised to pay on Tuesday. He stole my work and ran away….But smiles*smiles*smiles*. There is HOPE.

The rent’s due. Divorce final, Lost job… HOPE.

H- Having the strength to go on,never give up

O- Opening up to God (trust me..He is truly amazing)

P-positively changing your situation with the assurance that this is just an experience.

E- Encouraging yourself that your latter will be greater.

Its such a powerful little word.

Hope – making the impossible that we see- POSSIBLE. We cannot fight alone. This tiny powerful word  has the ability to change sorrow into dancing , death to life and gives you the strength you need to go on.