New beginnings are God’s way of giving us another chance and Natures way of facilitating us. What a marvelous way to start living and experiencing a happy life.

Cheers To New Beginnings

newlywed  The newly wedded couple are jubilant and excited to vow “I do” – They gently wrapped themselves in each other’s arms as they embark upon a new journey. The music in the background reminding them gently “from this moment” they have each other.



seedings  A farmer smiles in awe at his new seedlings sprouting from the bowels of futile soil. SOW A SEED (I am not talking monetary). Sow a seed of love, forgiveness, peace, hope, happiness.


new birth  It’s a girl! – The cheerful voice of the midwife as she assists in welcoming a brand new baby into the world- Welcome to motherhood. new life springs forth and there is a great joy. The travailing has ended and the newborn erases all memory of the pain just experienced.


New beginnings are wonderful, they are filled with anticipation and excitement. One amazing fact of new beginnings rests another chance to make things right.  A chance to redeem the time. An opportunity to give your best, expecting better results.

So yeah.. we failed the last time, but we are given another chance to make things right.

We all deserve a second chance- probably a third, fourth, fifth, sixth? Yes, we all do, because we always mess up.

Welcome this new week and do not allow this week’s blessings, trials and opportunity to pass without grasping the opportunity to make thing right.

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