Yes, I know many of eyebrows raised as one read my Title, benefits of Soursop leaves. but growing up in the Caribbean has afforded me the benefits of herbal medicine. From using freshly made coconut oil to drinking ‘bush” (herbal) tea.
There was a herb for everything.. and going to the Doctor’s office was done by the Bourgeois.

When we sustained cuts- there was a herb to kill all bacteria and infection.

Got the cold, fever, upset stomach…there was a herb for that as well.,, Soursop.

Recently I met a man who has survived Cancer and has not been to the Doctor after being diagnosed 32 years ago…. His medication HERBS.

Anyway, let me get back to the benefit of “soursop” leaves.

soursop leaves     When babies are born in the Caribbean and they have “gripe” (a Caribbean term for colic), they are usually given 1 lemon bud leaf and a ‘soursop” bud leaf, brewed to ease their tiny tummies. Did it work…Hell yes!

Growing up Herbal tea was always served at Breakfast- Lemon, mint, cinnamon, ginger..yea..all the tea you now but in the supermarket loaded with a bunch of “chems”(chemical)…yeah, we got those “hot off the press”.

This article is taking longer than I thought….yes.. Soursop.

The scientific name for Soursop is Graviola.

Here are some ways you can use Soursop Daily.

Seep in hot water and replace daily with normal drinking water.

Use leaves for herbal tea.

Eat the pulp of fruit ( I use to enjoy eating the pulp as a kid).

Make a punch (smoothie)

How does it work for Cancer Patients

(Now I have to be very scientific in my explanations)

Rich in Vitamin C and B, this amazing fruit contains some useful fatty compound- acetogenins, quinolones, annopentocins one very important compound known as annonacin is potent in preventing and slowing down the growth of cancer cells. Combined with two alkaloids- reticuline and coreximine Soursop is a natural anti-parasitic and antiviral herb which suppresses inflammation.

The best Herbal Chemo around.