Welcome to May… Its the first day of May, and since May is designated as the Month of the Women, I am making my contribution.

Women and Health

Women’s Health can never be exaggerated.. For the Month of May, I promise to share health tips to promote a healthier you. Of course, they will be Herbal health tips. If I were to ask… How many women have painful cramps? More than half of the women in any room will raise their hands.  That’s really sad because women do not have to suffer from any health issue.

“It reminds me of a verse from the Bible which says.. Beloved, I wish above all things you prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospereth”  3John 1:2

So, yes. we are expected to live life to its fullest in the optimum health.  Back to the women issue, painful period pain can be stopped with one magnificent plant. This plant as well has many health benefits. Today I will share some tips for a cleaner Liver, Bladder, Stomach and a healthier you.  When these organs are clean you will realize your menstrual cycle will become less painful every month.

Bitter Herbs

Have you ever wondered why do we have to eat bitter stuff? I know most of us do not like the bitter taste, but the truth is – Bitter Herbs cleans our Bladder, Kidney, and Liver. It eliminates toxins from our organs, promoting the healthier functioning of those organs and healthier blood. It also Balances your appetite. Your digestive health will be on par. So next time you say “yuck” to the smell or the taste, remember your kidney, liver, bladder and digestive health.

Without further ado- Aloe Vera

Women, aloes is an amazing herb. Each month 1 week before your cycle drink aloes and apple juice blended together to give and keep your organs clean.


Wash aloes in the skin, peel aloes and place in a magic bullet or blend with apple juice.

Ensure that you drink this glass of power drink on mornings for 3 days.

The apple juice masks the aloes taste, so you do not have to worry about the “yuck” taste. Your organs will receive this bitter herb with happiness.

Try it and comment below.

Happy New Month Y’all!!