Has your Computer Freeze?

computer freeze 2        A  frozen up computer is pretty frustrating to deal with, especially when you have a deadline to meet. Issues such as when the computer freezes id no that difficult to fix. Most persons who are not computer “savvy” have issues determining any problem. Here are some tips to assist you in actually knowing if your computer has frozen up.
The recommendations below will assist you when your computer stops. The simplest way to determine such is by clicking the Num Lock tab while looking at the NumLock like to see if the LED changes. The Led is normally green and sometimes red. Click to see if it turns on and off. If you accomplish the task of the light turning off and on, click the CTRL tab, the Alt, the Del tab and finally the End Task on the frozen program. Did it work? If this has not worked then, you may want to proceed to the next step of action.
You may want to check certain minor issues first before treating to software issues.

Too many Browsers/Windows Working

computer freeze      Each window you open takes some of the computer’s resources. So having too many windows open all at once weakens the pc resources. This will result in your pc slowing down and freezing up. It is best to run one or two windows at once, to ensure your pc functions at its optimum.

Heat-Related Problems

This issue is the most overlooked problem to slowdowns and pc lags. Be mindful of strange noises coming from your pc or a burnt smell. The noise may be a high screeching sound which may be indicative of a failing Pc fan.
It’s important to know and verify the fan on the pc, see if it is working. This process may need someone a tad more qualified to open up the pc to determine the issue. What can also be done is that you can inspect the pc. Monitor the Revolutions Per Minute, this is used to assist and determine access time on the pc hard drives. The higher the RPM, the faster the loading time. The less freezing you will encounter. The other issue can be the CMOS Setup. This stores information within the computer and aids in the speed, ensure the BIOS does not have any errors to report. A simple secret that works all the time is placing your laptop propped on a book. The fan is able to function well since propping helps with heating issues.

Other Issues that cause Computer Freezes.

Now, software related issues prevent Pc’s from functioning at its optimum. If you are bombarded by lockouts and freezing, make sure you install the latest updates. This will assist all running programs. It is easy to find all the latest updates from the publisher or developers of software. Sometimes viruses and malware attack your computer and this cause lags as well.
Your operating system has all the latest updates. Updating your Microsoft windows on your computer can quickly fix this issue if it is what’s causing the lag.
Again, there are Hardware misconfiguration or malfunction which cause computers to freeze, lag and eventually crash. If you have added a new hardware and are encountering freeze ups, remove and ensure its not causing the issue. If you have no installed a hardware, remove certain components singly. After Removing run the computers to see if its still lagging.
Having your computer on for days on end may cause freeze ups as well. You may want to power off so that your pc can remove the days’ debris.