Nursing practices are different in each part of the world; the need for a general principle that addresses important issues regarding their function and how these functions are carried out is crucial to the success of performing their duties.


Nursing practice expounds what everyone, from the patients to nursing staff can get from nursing. Similar to other professions that have a principle, the nursing practice also has its own practice, which those involved must adhere to. These principles can help nursing student and professionals to carry out their duty effectively.

The Principle of Nursing Practice

The purpose of setting principles is to help us establish consistent protocols that must be adhered to by everyone. Standards are important in that they help to plan, implement, and assess the quality of services while demonstrating that nursing practice is accountable to consumers, society, and the government.

Principle A

Both nurses and nursing staff must treat everyone irrespective of their condition with humanity and dignity. They must understand their individual needs, show compassion, and provide attention in such a way that respects everyone equally.

Principle B

Both nurses and nursing staff must take the responsibility for the care they provide an answer to their actions and judgments. These actions must be in agreement with their patients, families, and those in charge of those they are treating. Additionally, this care must meet the requirements of professional bodies.

Principle C

Both nurses and nursing staff while managing risk must be vigilant. Furthermore, they must do everything possible to keep their patient safety while providing health care services.

Principle D

Both nurses and nursing staff must possess the current skills and knowledge in the field. They must use their insight, intelligence, and understanding to meet the needs of each patient.

Principle E

Both nurses and nursing staff work diligently with various teams and professionals to ensure that treatment and cares are well coordinated. Besides this, they also ensure that such care and treatment is of a high standard with the best possible outcome.

How to use the Nursing Practice Principles

Whether you are a nursing student or nursing professional, you can use the aforementioned principles to:
⦁ To help reflect on your nursing practice while developing yourself into a professional
⦁ Understand what colleagues, patients, caregivers, and families required from nursing
⦁ Identify areas where these nursing practice principles are practiced and areas where they are not practiced.
⦁ Generate important discussions with your colleagues on attitude, behavior, and approach, which support good nursing practice and care.