Get Your Share Of Luxury; We Made It Affordable

You can truly get your share of luxury at as we have certainly made it affordable. While fashion trends do come and go, the luxury aspect of all fashion essentials is eternal. Although women can differ greatly, the luxury items of fashion differ according to specifics. Most luxury fashion items can be worn in multiple combinations and in multiple ways that enable you to still make a statement. This is very vital to streamlining your wardrobe. Luxury fashion items are known to come with the best designs from the best designers. This enables them to last irrespective of trends or your age. Luxury fashion items never become outdated and they never lose the street-lady appeal they are known for. Put simply, luxury fashion items are the building blocks for that perfect wardrobe you have always been aiming to achieve. Most ladies think they must break the bank to acquire these luxury fashion items. This is quite untrue. We have made it affordable. You can get all the luxury you want from us at rates that never leave a hole in your pocket. Some of the luxury fashion items we offer at the most reasonable rates include;

Evening/Long Dresses

This is the OG of every classic woman’s closet. We at have so much variety to choose from that there is a fit for every woman and every purpose. Whether you are looking for a daytime dress down, or you are looking to add a pair of luxury earrings for a great evening out, we have the perfect match for your preferences. We have styles and sizes that fit every body type. Check out our dresses which include the print black red rose stretch dress, the long black floral print ball gown dress and so much more. Our luxury dress options are legendary and among the most versatile fashion options, you can wear.


Luxury fashion blazers are among the most valuable pieces of every woman’s wardrobe. The numbers of ways in which blazers can be worn or used are truly infinite. You can use our blazers over a mini or a tee shirt to attend a coffee date, over slacks, a pencil skirt or a blouse to attend a business meeting, or over a cocktail dress when attending an evening function. Our luxury blazers are great and they feature a lean tailored fit as well as a classic appearance which enables them to transition through all seasons. They are a must-have for both your professional and private life.


Luxury fashion jeans will never go out of style. One major advantage of this timeless fashion essential is that it can be varied to suit almost any season, situation, environment or body type. Our collection of luxury fashion jeans are perfect whether you are dressing up or down. They are the bread and butter of all luxury fashion lovers through all seasons and for every body shape. It is a fact that a great jeans pair is forever indispensable. Our luxury straight cut jeans can be truly flattering on several ladies.


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One great thing about bags is that there is a bag for every occasion, there is a bag for every environment and there is a bag for every situation. Our classic collection of affordable luxury bags work for any environment or situation whether it’s a parent/teacher conference, dinner out with friends, business meeting or drinks during happy hours. No matter the number of essentials you need to carry according to your situation, there is an option from our wide range that will definitely meet your needs. Our luxury fashion bags come with structured shapes that enable you to carry all your things in style. Our luxury fashion bags feature structural integrity yet with minimal hardware which makes them vital as your everyday bag.

Evening Clutches/Small Bags

These are complementary to the big handbags discussed above. They are truly perfect for evenings out and parties. It can be truly inconvenient to carry a big bag around in crowded restaurants or bars. For those who holding an evening clutch can be a fussy affair, they can always go for our evening bags that come small but with straps. Our options of small bags and evening clutches are designed bearing in mind that, you are on social outings in the evenings. Therefore, they are designed to really boost your elegance, beauty, and style.


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We stock all classes and manners of designer’s shoes which ensure that your general luxury fashion statement is complimented. Check out our ankle strap black leather sandal shoes or our crystal classic black suede pumps to see what we are talking about. Our designer pumps are especially invaluable as they will certainly work perfectly with any other item you have in your fashion closet. The only thing they probably might not go well with is your gym clothes and outfits. They are the most perfect and classic shoes for all occasions where you need formal footwear whether parties or business meetings.

Statement and Designer Jewelry

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These are probably the most complimentary feature of any luxury fashion statement. We stock the most trending and classic luxury fashion accessories like our Sicily coin Monete gold brass wide bracelet and our chain bracelet that is gold branded. We stock many other types of luxury fashion accessories like earrings, rings, watches and so on. Even if you happen to be a true minimalist at heart, you will discover that having some ornate, dramatic accessories like necklaces can be truly valuable. Use these accessories over a plain luxury dress and see the kind of interest you generate or wear it to dress up your jeans and t-shirt and watch how you become the cynosure of all eyes.

These are not the only items of luxury fashion that we have for you at affordable prices. Others like wedding gowns, collared shirts, trench coats, winter coats, basic shirts have not been mentioned for lack of space. Whatever might be your reason for wanting to buy luxury designer fashion items, or whatever might be your preferences when buying, we have something that will certainly fulfill all your needs. Moreover, all that we have in stock are from the greatest designers of the world. So, you can truly get your share of luxury when you buy from us because we have made it affordable for all.

Title: Get your share of Luxury ; We made it affordable

Four Attitudes Imperative To Self-Empowerment


To be empowered begins with the mind because the biggest tool everyone has is the mind. The willingness to operate one’s mind is the reason why those who have become public figures look like they have not faced challenges. Challenges that may have been worse than what most persons yet to succeed are currently entangled with. The deal is how much one can persevere, how many times you are willing to try again and how much you have refused to give up on your dreams among other attributes. One without hopes and dreams needs to get a life. Yes, every existence should be geared towards something. And the most figurative factor towards success is existence – life. Those who have ceased to exist are not in any race to be successful. Hence, to be living means you have a fight. And those who don’t believe in the fight have ceased to exist until they believe in something.


Success has been defined by many based on their perspectives. It is not wrong to agree with those who have defined success as being able to accomplish your purpose of living. And the biggest question lies in the last three words; “purpose of living”. Until you believe you have a purpose and establish that as your own, it’d be impossible to summon the energies in you, which is necessary to become successful in the quest. The beauty of success is that it overwhelms every past challenge. Success simply set a new platform for a beginning that’s smoother. This simply means that the quest does not stop when a specific dream has been achieved. Some environments may give one an edge to move faster, but every level of life gives one a new level of challenge. And the number of breakthroughs depicts the size of your success. You can agree with me that the bigger you grew, the more responsibility you carry. And to everyone who seeks to achieve more, your empowerment begins with your psychological reference. We will shortly look at some attitudes taught by J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, attitudes imperative to your greatest empowerment irrespective of the starting point.

sewing lady

Start With what you are very much Familiar with

The stages of life may allow one to take part in many aspects of life. Some desperately want to become renowned philanthropists. But a reconnaissance on the life of those who have achieved that position strongly suggests they were at some positions before becoming one. Success begins with what you can do with the little knowledge or resources available. What have you done with the little that has been given to you? Books were the most available items in the early life of Joanne Rowling, such that she could describe herself as a common-or-garden bookworm. This opportunity led to her dreams of writing a spectacular book and she started working on just that at the closest gasp of the inspiration. Can you imagine where she would have been if she had chosen to start her career as a singer? Perhaps, she would have done well as a songwriter or even a singer. But what matters most is that she took a path that’s parallel to her personal development. This favored the most prolific success she imagined. Hence, the most significant deal is the path you have chosen to light-up your true success irrespective of other notable engagements.


Take the positive side of your Challenges

Sometimes we see our challenges or stages as a block preventing us from succeeding. Instead of seeing them as a prerequisite to the success we are looking for. Taking the positive side helps you resolve every challenge as quickly as possible. It also helps you adapt any permanent or temporary change it has established in your life. Joanne must have been filled with loads of disappointment when she was moving back to the UK from Portugal after her marriage with Jorge Arantes failed. She did not charge her challenges from the negative point of view nor. At the back of her mind, “I’ll have a better opportunity to complete this long awaited novel”. It’s

problem  easy to believe she ceased that opportunity to bury her entire emotions towards bringing something rewarding. Joanne accepted the punishments in her developmental process when she decided to be trained as a teacher. Not considering her previous status or age. This attribute can be seen to have reflected in the book content – the power of self-sacrifice and decision making.


Ensure that every opportunity is utilized to the Best

Every opportunity given to us in life can be viewed as an exam. The more effort you give, the better you score. To those who believe, they’d rather do better in the next opportunity would have themselves to blame for confining their success at the corners of the next opportunity, which would never be there again. J.K. Rowling was teaching in the city’s school when she was writing Harry Potter’s manuscripts. axeman   That moment had given her the opportunity to bring out a piece of what she has for the literary world and she nailed it without accepting any lapses. It is obvious she found an atmosphere in Edinburgh which is supportive to Harry Porter’s inspiration. Consider every opportunity as an avenue to bring out the best of you, even with the very little projects and your affairs with people.


Losing hope to your dreams is not an Option

There are positions you would find yourself that would make you think there is no way to success in a specific course. Yes, those awkward moments when you just realize that your present efforts are not good enough to active the dreamland. Harry Potter was not the very first book written by J. K. Rowling, she had tried to activate her dreams many times when she had her previous books published. But when it didn’t happen, she never gave up. It is your duty to work harder each time you exhaust all you have to realize very little or nothing in the end. It’s easier if you stick to the fact that your success is the reason why you are living and that cannot be compromised. Successful people are those who failed and tried again. Don’t imagine the negative results, be optimistic and note that your willingness to keep pressing is the only reason why you will succeed.


The Brooklyn Theater School

The Brooklyn Theater School

With lots of theater school boosting as the best in their field, knowing how to choose a reputable theater school can be a daunting task. However, you shouldn’t fear because this post contains everything you need as to choosing the best reputable theater school. Not only will the post help you in choosing a reputable school but one that gets you accepted.

Getting Started

Before thinking about starting, you should have foreknowledge of where you want to begin. Starting a theater school is one of the hardest as hinted by one of Brooklyn Theater School students. Nevertheless, it does make no difference when you have to choose a school to attend within your next three acting training. In starting, ensure you choose a course, which you have interest in. With the three years, you will live and breathe within the school, therefore, you need a course that will keep you excited, and motivated. A course that will make you look forward to the next day.

Do Your Research

Research can save you a lot of time and money. Today, the internet has made this easy for you because you can make a research of any theater school online. Once you know what your interest is, the reputation of the school comes next. At this stage, asking vital questions is important.

Theater School Reputation

Just like, there are universities among universities, so there is for theater schools. What I mean is that some universities are accredited to offer numerous courses while some are not. You won’t want to attend a theater school that is not accredited. Just the thought of wasting quality time and money only to discover they are non-accredited could be painful. Save yourself from this stress. You need to ask questions such as:

  • Where do their previous students stand now?
  • Do any casting agents attend their showcases?
  • What are their rankings?


 Money Matters

Similar to University education, theater schools are expensive. Conversely, some of these schools offer a flexible payment system that enables students to pay installments. Most theater schools offer bursaries and scholarships, though it is competitive for anyone to rely on such.


Apart from the money involved, you also need auditions to get into theater school. You need at least a round of auditions and interview to scale through because these schools are serious. Remember auditions are not free and could be expensive but is it worth stopping you from becoming what you have dreamed of. If you have the money, you can consider attending different audition schools to get a taste of what they offer.

Get Proactive!

You won’t go through all your researching for wait for nothing. Get proactive while waiting to be accepted by a theater school. Being proactive will help you in becoming a better performer and get attentions from relevant school tutors. Finally, a simple way of being proactive is by following actors or performers that inspire you on social media.

visit the Brooklyn Theater School



Future Investments and the Power of Investing.

Did you know how you live today may be in one way or another influence your tomorrow? You can shape your future today through investing. There are individuals who lead good lives today only to suffer later as a result of poor planning and lack of concern about their future. If you are at the top of the ladder and not doing any future investment then that’s a big problem. Life is better when your tomorrow is more promising than your today and the opposite is the truth. Future investment is not for the chosen few but it should be done by every individual regardless of their social status. Beyond all doubts, investing for the future is magical and brings all the difference.

What is the meaning of future investment?

investments 3

Investing is precisely a tool meant to build wealth to secure your future. Most people go wrong when they assume that future investment should only be done by wealthy people. That’s a wrong assumption. As a matter of fact, future investment can be done by anyone. In other words, you don’t need to have a loaded bank account in order to start a future investment program. The little you have can change your future a great deal. However, future investment is not a scheme to make you get rich overnight. Absolutely not!

What’s the Importance of investing for the future?

investments 2

Your money works for you

Life seems quite boring to many people since they work for money whereas it should be the opposite. Your money should always work for you -and enable you to earn more money without necessarily earning the extra cash yourself. This is exactly what future investments helps you achieve.

Provides money for probable future needs without straining

There are anticipated future needs and others that are less expected yet important. Investing for the future will help you meet these needs without any stress. In that case, you don’t have to spend a sleepless night in the future just because you have not cleared your bills.

High returns

Profits got from investment are in other words known as returns. Investing with the aim of securing your future leads to high returns in the long run. That means you won’t have anything to lose but you will have everything to gain. The high returns will allow you to lead a better life at the comfort of your home if need be. Note that riskier future investment results to extremely high returns.

Classic lifestyle

Future investments have what it takes to change your lifestyle. You can upgrade your status by simply starting a future investment plan. The high returns got from investments will give you the wings to fly to the next status with ease. You don’t have to dream about a better life forever. The time to start implementing your dream is now or never. It is simple! Safeguard your future and that of your loved ones through investments and you will love the outcome.

Reduced anxiety

Investing for the future literally means that you will no longer have to worry about your future so much. This, in turn, gives you some inner peace-making the world a better place to be for you and your loved ones. With that said, if you can`t start investing for the future today then start right now! Life is better that way!




Good health they say is a sign of good living. Whenever you start experiencing health challenges it is a sign that something is not right with the way you live your life or with you medically. It may have to do with your lifestyle, habits you have learned or nurtured over time, what you eat, and how you take care of yourself. Obesity is a sickness that can be as a result of our lifestyle, habits, genetic factor, lack of exercise, etc. We are looking at obesity in men, how it affects men health. Naturally, men like to be fit and agile always, but with obesity, they go out of shape and lose their fitness and agility. Obesity is a sickness because like other ailments it can be treated medically and can be cured or managed. It is not a death sentence and it can just come even when you are trying all you can to prevent it. But as a man, you should not accept to just live with it as it affects your health negatively. It can kill and reduces one lifespan if left unchecked.

Obesity is a term used to describe excessive body weight and size. It results from an excess accumulation of fats in the body. Fats build up in your body and adds to your body weight while increasing your body size. It is becoming a growing problem in men today. Men in time past by nature are akin to doing hard work thereby burning excess fat in the body from time to time, but today we do more of mental rather than manual work as men the reverse is now the case. Use of computers and advances in technology has made work easier for us today. Men no longer have to exact so much energy to get things done. This inactivity in men today adds to the problem of obesity in men.

We have men that are not just overweight but are now obese. Obesity is not the same thing as overweight, obesity is a disease but overweight is not. One can be overweight and fit while when you are obese you lose fitness. Obesity medically is when what is called you body mass index is 30 kg/m2 but for an overweight individual, it is less. Someone can be overweight but still maintains his shape but obesity makes you be out of shape. The only similarity is that overweight can lead to obesity. As pointed out already obesity in men has become a growing problem that needs to be addressed by men. It puts men health in jeopardy if not addressed, makes you unhappy and stressed up as a man as you no longer find it easy to enjoy a normal life as a man.

Obesity is very dangerous it can cause one to suffer from high blood pressure, heart attack, cancer, stroke, diabetes, male impotence, sudden death, etc. Obesity in men affects their productivity and fruitfulness. It can cause impotency in men. It is a disease that affects one’s wellness and fitness. It can be a silent killer. You need to take a step to tackle this menace without delays.

The image below shows an obese man and someone that is not obese. this image from Wikipedia.



Obesity in men can be attributed to several factors some of which we are going to look at briefly to help you understand why you may be obese as a man. Obesity in men is as a result of some controllable factors as we are going to see below. It is becoming common in men today due to changing times that we have found ourselves in today. Some of these causes are as follows:

  • Overeating- when one consumes too much food
  • Eating too much junk food- when one consumes fried foods high in fats such as snacks, fast foods instead of normal meal most of the time.
  • Lack of exercise- when one does not exercise most of the time, used to sitting in one place and working in a relaxed environment without exercising.
  • Hereditary- when it is in one’s gene.
  • When on certain medication- some medications have the ability to cause an increase in body weight and size.
  • Some form of mental disorder
  • Excess intake of alcohol





Obesity in men can be prevented or controlled if one starts early to do something about the problem and seek help. As we have pointed out it can be caused by lifestyle and habit aside from ones that are inherited from our parents. With one properly taking care of his health one can prevent and control this obesity. Some of the preventive measures one can adopt are as follows:

  • Eating the right diet that is less in fats
  • Exercising properly- by going to the gym
  • Seeking medical attention early if it runs through your gene
  • Avoiding some habits such as too much intake of alcohol and alcoholic beverages
  • Less consumption of soft drinks and food with sugar
  • More consumption of vegetables and fruits
  • Spending less time sitting in one place
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Regularly checking one’s weight



When one becomes obese, they can seek medical attention. Aside from adopting some of the preventive measures mentioned above, there are other means medically that can be used to treat obesity in men. Use of weight loss drugs, placing one on a special diet that can bring about weight loss, and most importantly use of surgery to remove the excess fat from the body. Recommended exercises by your doctor with the use of some prescription drugs will help. Once again to be obese is not a death sentence, you can get help if you consult your doctor. For you to live longer you have to seek help immediately, the earlier you seek help it will be better for you.

See your doctor today and save your own life. Life does not have duplicate, just one life to live and you need to enjoy it.