Get Your Share Of Luxury; We Made It Affordable

You can truly get your share of luxury at as we have certainly made it affordable. While fashion trends do come and go, the luxury aspect of all fashion essentials is eternal. Although women can differ greatly, the luxury items of fashion differ according to specifics. Most luxury fashion items can be worn in multiple combinations and in multiple ways that enable you to still make a statement. This is very vital to streamlining your wardrobe. Luxury fashion items are known to come with the best designs from the best designers. This enables them to last irrespective of trends or your age. Luxury fashion items never become outdated and they never lose the street-lady appeal they are known for. Put simply, luxury fashion items are the building blocks for that perfect wardrobe you have always been aiming to achieve. Most ladies think they must break the bank to acquire these luxury fashion items. This is quite untrue. We have made it affordable. You can get all the luxury you want from us at rates that never leave a hole in your pocket. Some of the luxury fashion items we offer at the most reasonable rates include;

Evening/Long Dresses

This is the OG of every classic woman’s closet. We at have so much variety to choose from that there is a fit for every woman and every purpose. Whether you are looking for a daytime dress down, or you are looking to add a pair of luxury earrings for a great evening out, we have the perfect match for your preferences. We have styles and sizes that fit every body type. Check out our dresses which include the print black red rose stretch dress, the long black floral print ball gown dress and so much more. Our luxury dress options are legendary and among the most versatile fashion options, you can wear.


Luxury fashion blazers are among the most valuable pieces of every woman’s wardrobe. The numbers of ways in which blazers can be worn or used are truly infinite. You can use our blazers over a mini or a tee shirt to attend a coffee date, over slacks, a pencil skirt or a blouse to attend a business meeting, or over a cocktail dress when attending an evening function. Our luxury blazers are great and they feature a lean tailored fit as well as a classic appearance which enables them to transition through all seasons. They are a must-have for both your professional and private life.


Luxury fashion jeans will never go out of style. One major advantage of this timeless fashion essential is that it can be varied to suit almost any season, situation, environment or body type. Our collection of luxury fashion jeans are perfect whether you are dressing up or down. They are the bread and butter of all luxury fashion lovers through all seasons and for every body shape. It is a fact that a great jeans pair is forever indispensable. Our luxury straight cut jeans can be truly flattering on several ladies.


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One great thing about bags is that there is a bag for every occasion, there is a bag for every environment and there is a bag for every situation. Our classic collection of affordable luxury bags work for any environment or situation whether it’s a parent/teacher conference, dinner out with friends, business meeting or drinks during happy hours. No matter the number of essentials you need to carry according to your situation, there is an option from our wide range that will definitely meet your needs. Our luxury fashion bags come with structured shapes that enable you to carry all your things in style. Our luxury fashion bags feature structural integrity yet with minimal hardware which makes them vital as your everyday bag.

Evening Clutches/Small Bags

These are complementary to the big handbags discussed above. They are truly perfect for evenings out and parties. It can be truly inconvenient to carry a big bag around in crowded restaurants or bars. For those who holding an evening clutch can be a fussy affair, they can always go for our evening bags that come small but with straps. Our options of small bags and evening clutches are designed bearing in mind that, you are on social outings in the evenings. Therefore, they are designed to really boost your elegance, beauty, and style.


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We stock all classes and manners of designer’s shoes which ensure that your general luxury fashion statement is complimented. Check out our ankle strap black leather sandal shoes or our crystal classic black suede pumps to see what we are talking about. Our designer pumps are especially invaluable as they will certainly work perfectly with any other item you have in your fashion closet. The only thing they probably might not go well with is your gym clothes and outfits. They are the most perfect and classic shoes for all occasions where you need formal footwear whether parties or business meetings.

Statement and Designer Jewelry

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These are probably the most complimentary feature of any luxury fashion statement. We stock the most trending and classic luxury fashion accessories like our Sicily coin Monete gold brass wide bracelet and our chain bracelet that is gold branded. We stock many other types of luxury fashion accessories like earrings, rings, watches and so on. Even if you happen to be a true minimalist at heart, you will discover that having some ornate, dramatic accessories like necklaces can be truly valuable. Use these accessories over a plain luxury dress and see the kind of interest you generate or wear it to dress up your jeans and t-shirt and watch how you become the cynosure of all eyes.

These are not the only items of luxury fashion that we have for you at affordable prices. Others like wedding gowns, collared shirts, trench coats, winter coats, basic shirts have not been mentioned for lack of space. Whatever might be your reason for wanting to buy luxury designer fashion items, or whatever might be your preferences when buying, we have something that will certainly fulfill all your needs. Moreover, all that we have in stock are from the greatest designers of the world. So, you can truly get your share of luxury when you buy from us because we have made it affordable for all.

Title: Get your share of Luxury ; We made it affordable

Consumer Affairs- Know your Rights

There is every likelihood that you might have returned a product you bought before – because it was defective, did not fit and wasn’t what you expected it to be. Beside this, there must have been a time when as a consumer, you had a tough time in trying to get your money back. You alone have not experienced this. Nevertheless, all of these took a new turn when President Kennedy introduced the consumer rights law in Congress in March 1962. This was not possible without the help of Helen Ewing-Nelson, a consumer rights activist, and Fred Dutton. Through them, it was possible for him to bring forth four basic rights that protected consumers, which was later increased to eight.

The eight consumer rights law does not only cover the rights of the consumers, but has grown to include the basic human necessities of life such as shelter, water, and food. However, these rights bring responsibilities and consumers must be able to earn these rights and put them to action wisely, and not merely taking advantage of them. Therefore, our focus today is on the rights and responsibilities of consumers as it relates to their daily lives. Even if you have not an issue with an item bought, you need this information for your neighbor, remember no knowledge is lost.

The Consumer Bill of Rights

What other way to take off then starting with the first four basic rights by John F. Kennedy. Prior to consumers having these rights, businesses did not have a responsibility in hearing or compensating customers concerning a particular product. There was not any recourse for people who have been injured by products or victims of fraud when trying to seek retribution from the manufacturers or companies. This is why the consumer rights law came into being. The following are the first rights.

  1. The Right to Safety: This right has to do with any product apart from automobile, that has the tendency of causing bodily harm to the consumer. Much attention was given to this right in 1972 when the US government formed the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This setup safety and standards regarding performances for products, requiring them to have warning labels or being tested. Equally, the responsibility of the consumer here is to follow all directions, use the product safely, and be conscious of future warnings.
  2. The Right to Be Informed: This right focuses on the company in providing accurate and honest information to enable the consumer to make informed and intelligent choices. This consumer rights law encompasses all products, nevertheless, the aim of the right is to eliminate deceptive information in areas such as packaging, labeling, advertising, and financing. An example of this right includes; the Wholesome Meat Act, Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, and the Truth in Lending Act. The duty of the consumer lies in their responsibility in analyzing product information and using it wisely.
  3. The Right to Choose: Consumers have the right to choose from a different variety of products and the environment has to be conducive, and healthy. Laws regarding the environment have been passed by legislation regarding anti-trust, patent law, gouging, and price-cutting.
  4. The Right to be heard: Consumers are entitled the right in expressing their concerns and complains regarding unsafe goods and services. Organizations such as the Better Business Bureau has the responsibility of dealing with situations such as this because there is not any official forum where consumers can make their complaints to be heard. It is the responsibility of the consumer to express their concern when deemed necessary.

1985 Expansion of Rights

  1. The Right to Satisfy Basic Needs: As people have the right to have access to the necessities of life such as education, water sanitation, health care, clothing, and food, the consumers also have such right.
  2. The Right to Redress: Perhaps a consumer felt he or she was deceived or cheated due to shoddy products, misrepresentation, or unsatisfactory services, according to consumer rights law, they have the right of requesting either money or other benefits in making up for their loss. Their responsibility is seeking for appropriate compensation.
  3. The Right to Consumer Education: It is the right of consumers to be properly informed concerning making a purchase. Therefore, information regarding such product should be readily available and understood easily. As the products evolve and information changes, the consumers has to be informed.
  4. The Right to a Healthy Environment: This came out from the rights of the consumer and integrated into the basic human rights. People are afforded the right to work and live in a healthy environment that does not threaten their life. This right primary is not for people of this generation,   but for future generations.

How to make money with WordPress Blogging

Today, internet has been flooded with millions of blogs. Nowadays, majority of the people go for blogging not for their love or passion for blogging but for making money online. To be successful in making a blog and attract a huge number of audience is not that much difficult. The major troublesome task is to generate a huge amount of income online through WordPress blogging. Since the year 2007, very fewer blogs have succeeded in making some money while a majority of them fail. Advertising rates are so low that you can’t generate some good numbers of money. However, writing some quality content on your blog, attracting a huge audience by indulging them in your blog is a slow process but still a good source of earning.

The competition is quite very tough. Within this piece of content, we will be discussing some of the great techniques and strategies to earn a good income through WordPress blogging. This content will surely be helpful and effective enough for all the bloggers.

Smarter ways to make money with WordPress blogging:

People are generating huge tons of money through WordPress blogging by using various techniques and strategies. Here are some great effective and smarter ways to make money with WordPress blogging. Let’s have a look at the detailed description of these useful ways.

  1. Develop WordPress Themes:

If you think of yourself as a good web designer or a good web developer, then you can go for making money through developing WordPress themes. Remember that you don’t have to be an extraordinary coder or an expert web developer for this work. You just need to focus on your targeted audience, what and for whom you are designing; that’s enough. If you can’t handle this work individually, then you can opt for teamwork as well. Today, we have a number of popular companies who are doing the business of developing and designing superb WordPress themes and thus generating huge income through this business. These great sites include the names of Authentic Themes, Studio Press, and Thesis. Now you’ve got two choices to sell your own designed and developed WordPress themes. One is to sell through your own blog/site, while another is to sell on other popular sites like Themeforest, Creative Market, and Mojo Themes.


  1. Creating and Selling Plug-in:

Those who have used WordPress must be aware of one thing, that is, it can’t be used without certain plug-in. Now there are two types of plug-in available i.e., free plug-in and premium plug-in. Plugins are used to help a blog get successful. They are the additional/extra features which make the blog better. If you are good at creating plug-in, then you can go for this business. Create such a plug-in that your audience would be interested in buying and it should be useful enough for your audience. There are many sites like Pippins Plug-in or FooPlugins which are creating and selling their plug-in. A useful plug-in example is Comment Luvs commenting link back plug-in. This plug-in helps the site free from any spam comments. Moreover, you can sell your plug-in using your own blog/site or else you can sell them on other sites like Code Canyon, etc.


  1. WordPress Consulting Services:

If you have enough advanced knowledge about WordPress, then go for it. This business may include creating a custom site for clients/customers, teaching WordPress tutorials to beginners, fixing WordPress issues or errors, etc. The best way to generate huge income through this business is to create a good portfolio, offer some of your consulting services and products for free to some well-known and expert bloggers. Also, provide the audience with a feedback form to give their reviews about your services.


  1. Blog Setup Service:

If you have got some technical knowledge, then you can start up this business. Many people don’t know how to involve WordPress in their blogs; they require some guidance and seek for blog setup service. What you will be required to do is to install WordPress on the blog, upload a good WordPress theme and install some required plug-in with some other additional ones.


  1. Content Writing Service:

You can offer your content writing services online if you are good at writing. You can get content writing orders online at ProBlogger Job Board, Fiverr, Elance, LivePerson, Odesk, people per hour, etc. Or visit other blogs who need content writers.


If you know some more great strategies to earn money with WordPress blogging, feel free to share with us.