Nutritional Guideline

Health Guidelines

This article is your health guideline regarding healthy eating and the risk of a poor diet. Eating properly does matter. The truth is that we have heard about it, however, getting started is the hard part. Here is the good news little changes make difference. When it comes to eating, the simplest way is by starting small, and eating well is very important because:

  • It reduces the chances of one developing diseases like diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and certain cancers
  • It improves our shape, body weight, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure.
  • It ensures good oral health, bone strength, and protection against infections.
  • Provides us with more energy required for the day
  • Enables us to remain healthy and avoid health challenges because of being overweight including stress, infertility, sleep problem, and impotence.

All these are some of the benefits of eating well, but what if one has already exhibited the attitude of eating well? Keep on with it. There is every likelihood for you to make some improvement in some way. Unfortunately, most people eat three-quarter of the recommended amount of fruit and half of the required amount of vegetables daily.

What are the risks of a poor diet and being overweight?

What you eat is about being healthy. It begins by choosing the right food. It is vital for you to enjoy the food you eat and at times, it will not cost you much to eat in a healthy way. There is a connection between the amount of energy used up from the food you consume and your level of physical exercise. Eating more gives you more opportunity of using the additional energy stored in the body as fat. This signifies that the chance of being overweight is high and this, in turn, will increase your risk of disability and other diseases. This health guideline is what you need if you want to avoid the risk poor diet pose to you and your family

The risk to yourself: This may lead to high blood pressure, joint pain, constipation, coronary heart disease, non-insulin dependent diabetes, and being out of breath. This risk multiplies if you drink alcohol, smoke, eat animal fat, and take little exercise.

The risks to your family: Poor life expectancy, development of bad eating habits, and coronary heart disease.

Now, this is the best part of this health guideline in relation to your eating that I love. You must understand the ingredients that make up the diet you eat.

Meat, Fish, and Pulses

The consumption of excess animal fat is the primary cause of ill health. Most of us, our body needs little animal fat; nevertheless, we eat too much. Have you heard about saturated fats? Perhaps you have. They can be found in the meat of pigs, cows, sheep, and products that have their fat and meat in them, such as beef burgers, meat pies, and sausages. The excess consumption of this saturated fat can cause coronary heart disease and overweight. On the other hand, unsaturated fats can be found in duck, chicken, oily fish, eggs, lentils, and beans and foods made from these items.

Milk and Dairy Produce

Yogurt, cheese, and milk are good sources of vitamins, protein, and minerals; however, they have high animal fat in them. It is important to eat dairy produce and milk if you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Skimmed or semi-skimmed milk will be a perfect option for adults because it has less fat.


Potatoes, Rice, Bread, and Cereals

These starch foods do not make you get fat unless you serve or cook them with fat. The reality is that these foods provide you with the energy you require to perform the activities of the day. Additionally, they are a good source of vitamins, protein, and minerals. They should be included as part of our main meals and more preferably every meal. If it is possible, you can eat whole grain varieties because of their high content of fiber. These fibers help in preventing constipation and other disorders of the bowel. Potatoes are a good source of vitamin C and help in the prevention of anemia if eaten with foods containing iron. So consume more of bread, potatoes, rice, and cereal every day.

Vegetables and Fruit

The main source of vitamins and minerals in our diet are vegetables. Most people don’t consume the required quantity of vegetables. Vegetables that are locally produced are very cheap, so you don’t have any excuse. Besides vegetables, fruits are very good as they are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Eat a minimum of five portions of fruits daily.

Alternative Medicine for Fitness

More and more people are becoming aware of the side effects posed by the use of traditional allopathic medicines with their ineffectiveness in curing some common disorders. Nevertheless, slowly attention is shifting gradually towards alternative medicine, which does not just cure all ailments but do not pose severe side effects.

What Is Alternative Medicine?

This refers to healing practices, which are not the same as those used in conventional medicine. According to the name, they are alternatives to the orthodox medicine for the treatment of ailments and other diseases. Most of these alternative medicines rely on a general health rather than a singular treatment of an ailment. Because of this, the aim of alternative medicine is to make the body and mind more resistant to diseases and stronger rather than the provision of popular cures like orthodox medicines.

Types of Alternative Medicine Systems

alternative 1

An alternative system has to be divided into certain types, however, this categorization isn’t fixed and concrete, since most procedures follow techniques, use by more than one type. The most common alternative medicine are healing systems, mind-body connections, energy therapies, manipulation and touch, herbal remedies, and dietary supplements. These alternative methods incorporate as follows:

Mind-Body Connections: Practitioners of alternative medicine have the belief that the body and mind have to be harmonized with each other for an individual to remain healthy. Because of this theory, most methods used by alternative medicine make use of techniques that build up the mind and body connection. Some of them fall under the following category.

  • Yoga
  • prayer
  • Meditation
  • hypnosis
  • Biofeedback
  • Art therapy
  • Relaxation therapy

Healing Systems: This is actually an alternative to orthodox medicine because they incorporate different techniques and practices. The healing system has methods such as Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, which dates back to thousands of years before the development of conventional medicine. The healing system of the body is founded on the philosophy that the human acts like a storehouse of energy to cure all the ailments.

Naturopathy: The attention of naturopathy is on treatment based on nature and that aids in the healing of the body by itself. The most common method, which naturopathy incorporates is as follows: massage, yoga, meditation, acupressure, aromatherapy, and herbal remedies.

Ayurveda: This is a botanical medicine, which is as complex as conventional medicine. This alternative medicine began more than 5000 years ago and is still flourishing because of the effectiveness of the cure. In nature, it is holistic and relies on the provision of individual cures to different individuals based on the disorder being suffered by the person. Few of the methods that make use of the alternative methods include meditation, yoga, herbal medicines (botanical medicine), and massage.

Homeopathy: This is a system that has been tested over time and makes use of small doses of some can of substance, which arouses the body into curing itself.

Manipulation and Touch: This makes use of human touch in moving or manipulating some nerves, muscles, or parts of the body such as osteopathy, massage, acupressure, chiropractic, spinal manipulation, and craniosacral Therapy

Energy Therapies: Most alternative medicine methods are based on the theory that in the body there is a constant flow of energy via the body. According to this theory, the blockage of this energy to some area of the body can result to poor health or sickness. The aim of energy therapies is based on the restoration of good health by balancing or unlocking the energy through different procedures. The methods that fall under this category include polarity therapy, magnet therapy, touch therapy, acupuncture, and reiki.

Dietary Supplements and Herbal Remedies: The most comprises of ingredients, which could be herbal or natural, and are used over conventional medicines either as holistic therapy or as a cure. These remedies could include lemon grass, chamomile, gingko, ginseng, selenium, and bentonite clay. These are all botanical medicine. In most situations, these supplement and herbal medicines are secure; however, the notion that there aren’t any side effects when using these herbal medicines and supplements is false. Most of the natural and herb medicines have their own side effects, but if you compare it with conventional medicine side effects, these are generally few.

Healthy And Beauty Lifestyle Ideas


There are several mental and physical benefits linked with living a healthy lifestyle. Most individuals included, children and adults are living a hectic, fast-paced, and under-nourished lifestyle, it is the reason for their constant visits to the doctor, missing work and having injuries have increased tremendously. The human body is like a machine that needs a regular physical activity, relaxation, mental rest, and appropriate nutrition in order to function at its top level. As a vehicle is created to be driven at a high rate so also does the body needs the cardiovascular system and various muscles in the body to be exercised. In this way, the organs are stimulated, toxins eliminated, and the soft tissue within the body is flooded with oxygen and blood. The consumption of a nutritious, well-balanced, and whole foods diet will guarantee that your body gets the nutrients it requires for it to perform the bodily functions needed to tolerate life. Additionally, the immune system is boosted thereby warding off common diseases. There are numerous benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. The following are some of them:

  • Increasing the overall stamina and strength
  • Reducing the risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes
  • Improved strength, flexibility, and joint stability
  • Increase one’s lifespan
  • Improve and increase range of movement
  • Maintenance of the bone density
  • Prevention of bone fractures and osteoporosis
  • Improvement of self-esteem
  • Improvement of one’s mood and sense of wellness.
  • Reduction of symptoms such as depression and anxiety.
  • An improved clarity and sharpness of mind.
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved memory in elderly people


People with a sense of fashion and lifestyle living habit improve not only their mental wellness but also their physical wellness. People, who do this, live a healthier lifestyle and feel more comfortable. With the hectic lifestyles exhibited by many people, they forget about paying attention to their own health. The truth is that even if an individual put aside a little time to their health, personal fitness, and nutritional requirements, they have the chances of increasing their level of productivity and focus. They will also have more energy and time to devote to family, friends, and work.


When you have a sense of fashion and lifestyle of fitness and good health, you tend to feel in charge of your life. As a result of this control, you have the opportunity of trying new activities. It is true that individuals who are healthier perform better than their fellow workers who are not. They obtain more fun from activities they get involved in with others.


Being fit enables one to participate in various activities willing or make a choice of which one not to participate. Since the participation in physical activities is related to increasing one’s overall stamina and strength, the individual becomes more confident. This increase in stamina and strength also help in improving your self-esteem.


Disease Prevention

When you embraced a fashion and lifestyle filled with fitness and good health, you minimize the risk of contracting diseases such as osteoporosis, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, and several types of cancer. Additionally, a healthy lifestyle reduces the chances of falls and injuries, blood pressure, stimulates low blood pressure, and improves mental health. It can also help in overcoming insomnia.

A healthy lifestyle has many benefits associated with it. A healthy individual tends to feel in control of their life and confident about themselves. Additionally, the stamina and strength will increase, giving room for participation in new activities. A lifestyle with a conducive fitness, good health, and mental well-being can reduce the chances of one contracting various ailments and diseases.

Do fashion and lifestyle go together?

For many that will be a no. However, the answer is yes. Lifestyle is reflected through fashion and so is fashion reflected through lifestyle. Fashion is a way of life, it is the way we dress, wear our accessories, what we wear, how we buy it, where we buy it etc. perhaps if you have a higher and better lifestyle with income that is higher, you could afford better designs with fashion that is varied from those of lower income. You can afford top fashion brands, nevertheless, as a result of the global market, you can still have access to fashion brands at affordable price. This has made fashion and lifestyle inseparable. Therefore, it is important to know that one influences the other.


Cosmetic Product Shopping

Cosmetics are used in enhancing one’s appearance. For many centuries, makeup has been in existence. The Egyptians were the first to make use of cosmetics in enhancing their beauty. During those days, it was merely eye coloring, but nowadays, there are many beauty and cosmetics products and they play a vital role for both male and female. Men have become more conscious about their looks as the women. Cosmetics can be made in the hypoallergenic and organic form to meet the demands of users. For most people, makeup is a way of helping them build up their confidence and self-esteem as an individual. The significance of beauty and cosmetics products have increased as many want to remain attractive and young. These cosmetics are available in various forms such as perfumes, lipstick, creams, hair sprays, eye shadows, nail polishes etc. cosmetics such as colognes, gels, and creams are used daily by both men and women. The cream acts as a cleanser for the face in different situations. Recently, different types of cream – anti-ageing creams have been produced to help people retain a younger looking skin for years. Cosmetic creams serve as food for the skin that is dry, hard, and chapped. They help in softening, lubricating, and removing undesirable dirt from the skin. Lanolin and Vaseline are among the popular fat creams. The best cleansing agents are soap, water, and water. In the beauty industry, hair care is the fastest growing product in the market. Most young men turn to gels and oil in maintaining and styling their hair. Products such as lotions, oils, and hair gels are manufactured to fight against dandruff and protect hair fall.

Disadvantages of beauty and cosmetics products

There is an advantage and disadvantage to everything in this world. A product that has numerous benefits to the skin also has its disadvantage. As you may be aware of, people to attain an elegant, beautiful, and stylish look use makeup and cosmetics. Nevertheless, if you are making use of these products, you should be conscious of their dark side. It is a fact that beauty product helps in attaining charm and beauty, but they do pose a threat to us. Their side effect may result in cancer. Another is skin infection as people suffer from allergies and irritation, which is very painful and irritating. There will be red marks all over your skin if you are suffering from such skin infection; this could be worst when you are exposed to pollution and sunlight.

Damage to internal organs: There has been a misconception that cosmetic and markup creams are rubbed on the upper part of the skin and if there is any side effect, it will be on the upper part only. But remember there are innumerable pores on the skin, which aids skin respiration and excretion of waste from the body as sweat. The chemical contained in these products from these pores leaks into the bloodstream and attacks the internal organs gradually.

Acne and pimples: The moment your skin do not have the required capacity in retaining attacks from these chemicals, you might experience various symptoms on the skin including pimples and acne. According to research, 30 percent of patients that have pimples and acne are affected because of the heavy utilization of this chemical in the skin products. This may affect you emotionally, physically, and financially.


Damage to the nervous system: The human nervous system is attacked through the excessive usage of these cosmetic products. The beauty products such as eye shadows, kajal, and lipsticks have high contents of a neurotoxin, a carcinogen, and lead; these cause high blood pressure and abnormalities that you may not be aware of on time.

Skin cancer: The chemical in these cosmetic products are dangerous that they can cause cancer. Parabens and Mercury are chemicals used in the preservation of most beauty brands and can cause cancer

Early aging: The excess use of these beauty products can cause early aging and you may experience wrinkles and lines appearing on your face at a tender age.

Bottom Line

Most people feel incomplete when their beauty and cosmetics box is not with them. Suddenly a feeling of ugliness comes to their thought. According to studies, people make use of at least ten products per day. Do not forget that the quest of trying to attain beauty is never an ending race, so, buy your cosmetic products wisely.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Topic: Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Everybody wants healthy lifestyle habits especially in the area of diet. For most people, this is a big challenge, as they do not know how to go about this. Therefore, in this post, we will explain what you can do to accomplish a healthy diet. Remember that the key to forming a healthy diet plan so that it becomes a healthy lifestyle lies in these two things.

  • Eating the right amount of calories, this will help you in balancing the energy consumed by you and the one you use. Perhaps if you drink or eat too much, there is every possibility of adding extra weight and eating or drinking fewer leads to losing weight.
  • Eating an extensive range of different foods in ensuring that you get the required balanced diet and that your body gets the entire required nutrient needed by it.

It has been recommended that men should take about 2,500 calories per day, whereas women should have about 2,000 calories per day. For most adults, they eat more calories that are required. Therefore, what should one do to ensure their body gets the required nutrient and makes this a healthy lifestyle habits for a longer time.


Your meals should comprise mainly on starchy carbohydrates

One-third of your food eaten comprise of starchy carbohydrates. They include rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, and cereals. Eat potatoes without removing the skin or wholegrain varieties whenever it is possible. These contain more fiber and can help in being full for a longer time. Most people think that eating more starchy food is a healthy lifestyle habit of getting fat, but ensure you take a minimum of one starchy food within every meal.

Eat lots of vegetables and fruits

It has been suggested that everyday vegetable and five different kinds of fruit should be eaten. This is simpler than it sounds. Have you considered chopping cereal or a banana during breakfast or swapping fresh fruits during the mid-morning?

Apart from this, you can consume more fish, including oily fish. A good product of protein, minerals, and vitamins is fish. Your primary focus should be eating nothing less than two portions of fish per week. This should include oily fish because they contain omega-3 fats, which helps in preventing heart diseases. If you do not know oily fish, they include mackerel, salmon, sardines, fresh tuna, trout, herring, and pilchards. The following are non-oily fish: hake, skate, canned tuna, cod, coley, plaice, and haddock.

Integrate saturated fat in our diet

Some fat is needed in your diet; however, it is vital for you to pay close attention to the brand and amount of fat you are eating. Fats comprises of two type: unsaturated and saturated fat. When you consume excess saturated fat, you increase the quantity of cholesterol in your blood; this increases the risk of you having heart disease. Averagely, men should have nothing less than 30g of saturated fat per day, while women intake should not be more than 20g. Saturated fat can be found in foods such as pies, lard, butter, cream, sausages, biscuits, cakes, and hard cheese. You should consider cutting down your intake of saturated fat and select foods that have unsaturated fats such as oily fish, vegetable oils, and avocados.

Sugar in our diet

The consumption of drinks and foods that have high sugar content increases the risk of you having tooth decay and obesity. Sugary foods and drinks include alcoholic drinks. Beside this, packaged foods and drinks also have high free sugars. Hope you know what free sugars are? They are sugars added to drinks or foods or found in syrups, honey or unsweetened fruit juices. The intake of cakes, pastries, biscuits, sugary fizzy drinks, sugary breakfast cereals, and alcoholic drinks should be reduced. These foods have added sugar on them. When buying food items, look at the label.

Do not get thirsty

Do not allow yourself to be dehydrated, so you have to drink plenty of water.

Do not skip breakfast

Some people have made this a poor healthy lifestyle habit by skipping breakfast. They believe it will make them lose weight. Nevertheless, this notion is wrong, as those who eat breakfast regularly are less prone to having much weight. Breakfast has positive effects on the mental performance of children and helps in increasing their level of concentration during the morning period. One of the healthy lifestyle habits to exhibit is by not skipping breakfast because it provides minerals and vitamins needed for a good health