This informative content is for those who want to know a valid reason of using managed WordPress hosting. Features of managed WordPress hosting services are briefly defined.

Throughout your research, you got numerous providers and discovered that prices of managed WordPress hosting is quite greater than the average shared hosting which you are able to get for only $3.95 monthly.

How come there such a huge price difference? Could it be that far better really? Do you really want managed WordPress hosting for your site? Is this best managed WordPress hosting provider? If you have these questions in your mind, then you are in the right place to get an answer of all.

In this specific article, we will spotlight advantages and cons of best managed WordPress hosting. You should use our research, knowledge, and experience to choose whether managed WordPress hosting is right for you.


Managed WordPress hosting is a caretaker service where all complex aspects of working WordPress is maintained by hosting provider. This consists of security, swiftness, WordPress revisions, regular backups, website uptime, and scalability.



  • Technical Support

Managed WordPress hosting providers will not only guide you about your website technical issues even they will resolve it by themselves. In order, you don’t need to hire any experienced developer or programmer to manage technical issues of your WordPress sites. Your managed WordPress hosting provider would be more than enough to help you out.

  • Site Security

You will never face any issue regarding your security of your website because managed WordPress hosting providers will assure you your site security. They will secure your website database with all files which are connected with your website.

  • Site Speed

You will definitely feel and get speed difference between managed and shared WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting servers respond more quickly compare to WordPress shared hosting.

  • Updated WordPress

Old versions of WordPress are not so secure that’s why WordPress brings revisions to assure security. Managed WordPress hosting providers will update your WordPress automatically like if you are for travel or busy with inventory or business meetings then managed WordPress hosting provider will do all those tasks which are needed to make your site 100% secure without giving any disturbance on your site.

  • Daily Backups

Managed WordPress hosting provides facilities of daily backups that you can revise your site customization in any step. You just need to call your managed hosting provider and ask them to installed backup file of a certain date.



Everybody knows the leader of managed WordPress hosting industry. They provide premier and platinum services of managed WordPress hosting. Their hosting servers have impressive speed, unbreakable security, and top class customer support.



  • Top Class Support

WP-Engine is extremely supportive for their users and assists their customers in every manner and they guide them well and in detailed. People are happy to pay them for their services because they do really care about their customers 24/7.

  • High Speed

What will you prefer when you paying a platinum cost of your web hosting services? Yes, High technology and fastest servers will host your site. They know how to provide 100% satisfied service to customers.

  • Expertise

Usually, we found customer support with some general answers and they don’t have the technical knowledge to answer people regarding their questions. But, this is not we found in best managed WordPress hosting company WP-Engine. They have their technical staff to answer customer questions and the department of experienced persons works over 800 hours around the clock.

  • Innovation

They have skills, expertise and modern technology that are why they are called leaders of the managed WordPress hosting industry. They bring new innovations regarding WordPress and present them through their official blogs and press releases.




Almost all large companies are using their services because every platinum business needs platinum services to support themselves that they can move fast towards their goals and achievements.


Last Words:

If you want to see your site secure and around a list of fastest WordPress sites then you must select platinum services of managed WordPress hosting which is provided by WP-Engine. They do care about quality of their services and they have a good list of happy customers.

WP Engine Coupon Code



Virtually everybody loves a freebie – at least the ones that I know. Throw in a quality product, and the freebie feels a lot sweeter. WP engine coupon codes afford user to get access to WP engine plans at a fraction of what the plans go for originally. There are many reasons for companies to create coupon codes, but they all center on marketing and enticing new users.  There are also a number of ways companies can go about creating coupon codes – a general coupon code, or channel specific coupon codes. We shall be examining all of these in this article, and also show you the latest WP engine coupon codes for WP engine hosting.

Before talking further about WordPress engine coupon codes, perhaps it will be beneficial to share the benefits of using WP engine hosting in the first place.

Benefits of WP engine hosting

Easy to use: In our review of WP engine hosting, we mentioned how easy it is to use, and how the panel you get is so much lighter on functions than the cPanel for regular shared hosting plans. And it is a result of the vision of the company; take the technical stuff off of the hands of businesses and individuals and ensure they can focus on their business – it is why they are called a “Managed WP host”. It is what makes them different.

Features: You have features like daily backups, a live staging area to preview your site before going live – whether new or after an edit, CDN (content delivery network), WPE SSL, malware scan, and other features that cover all your technical needs.

Customer Support: In our review we explained how things were a bit rocky  customer support, but I am glad to write that things have improved. They have added more support staff – as much as 50%, created a live chat for 24/7 access, and increased access to engineers for the more technical issues.

Uptime: While no hosting service can offer 100% uptime, anything above 99.9% is seen as a plus. For WP engine hosting, your site shouldn’t be down for a period more than 50 minutes in the whole year. And the way their server is arranged, hitches are never a general occurrence but specific to servers.

Speed and Performance: In our review, migrating to WP engine hosting reduced our page loading speed to a third of what it was. With features such as CDN, EverCache, and what the company calls “Secret Sauce”, your WP site speed and performance is assured.

So back to coupons…

Examples of WP engine coupons

33% off of the first three-month: Using this coupon code guarantees you a discount of 33% on any plan of your choice. And it is perhaps good for those still not sure about the platform – you can assess their service during this period, and make a concrete decision after the three months

20% off of your first payment (SPEEDUP): Using this coupon code gives you 20% off your first payment. If I might add, this coupon should be used if you want to pay for an annual plan- it makes more sense that way. You can save up to $500 on their business plan, and as much as $60 on a personal plan. However, the coupon is only valid for the personal, professional and business WordPress hosting plans.

Get Personal Plan at $4 per month (ARTOFBLOG): This plan only works for the personal plan, and for only three months – after which the price will be reverted to the regular $29 per month fee. You can save as much as $75 on your hosting in this period.

How to redeem your coupon code

Take the following steps to redeem your WP hosting coupon codes:

  • Visit the WP engine site and visit the “Pricing Page”
  • Select the plan the coupon code applies to; for example, if you want to use the $4 personal plan, select the “Personal Plan”
  • You will have to fill in your information in the sign-up form
  • Fill in the coupon code on the next page including your billing information. You account will be discontinued after seven days if you avoid filling your billing information.

And that is how to redeem your WP engine hosting coupon codes. We will continue to update the list of available coupon codes.

WP Engine Review



Web hosting is a critical part of the jigsaw when creating an online presence. If you fail to choose appropriately, you could be hurting your online business in the long run. Choosing the right web hosting for your site is akin to house-hunting; all things equal, it doesn’t make any sense renting an apartment in an area with security issues, or an area where it takes so much time for visitors to get to your house.

The same applies to web hosting – web hosts must offer your site security, fast loading times and robust servers that make your hosting experience seamless. This can be especially daunting for WP blogs and site owners whose sites generate loads of traffic. One of the options available to such people is WP engine. WP engine is a web hosting service provider for WP installations and plug-ins only. In this article, I shall be reviewing WP engine – the technicalities and non-technicalities, who it is for, and what you get for what price.

The Technicalities

In my experience using WP Engine to host some websites, here some of the things I loved about WP engine:

Simple to use panel and migration: Can you remember how you felt when you first logged into your cPanel? Well, the feeling is quite the opposite with WP engine panel, if cPanel felt overwhelming, this felt a little underwhelming – and for good reasons. The idea is to remove as many hassles from you and leave you to run your business. Moving my WP site was also a breeze.

Security: Security is a serious matter for all blogs and sites; thankfully, WP engine hosting has got you covered in this regard. With a “Proprietary adaptable intrusion detection and prevention system” to handle threats such as JS/SQL injection attacks and XML-RPC attacks, WP engine keeps your site safe. Additionally, WP engine hosting uses “multiple firewalls”, “network monitoring tools”, and “blocks identified IP addresses of spammers and hackers.”

Speed: With the use of features such as CDN (content delivery network) , EverCache system, and the use of a front-end layer would boost the speed of your site. My WP site loading time cut into a third of what it was. Have you images and all kinds of media on your site? Then WP engine might be perfect for you.

A staging site: WP engine hosting allows site owners to test their sites before going live. You can make changes and see how it is before publishing it for the public.

WP engine backup:  WP engine backup ensures your site is backed up daily and also offers a one-click restore point should anything go wrong.

The non-technicalities

For starters, it is only a hosting platform for WP installation and plug-ins. Asides this, if you are running a WP blog/site and you are considering migrating, consider the following factors:

WP engine pricing: WP engine pricing is relatively more expensive than your regular shared server. Cost is always a relative factor for people; however, the deciding factor should be the state of your site. If you are just starting out, then it might be wise to start with a shared hosting. If traffic to the site increases, you can easily migrate your WP sites to a more robust managed WP hosting like WP Engine. You can check out their plans and see which fits your needs.

WP engine support: I must admit that the support was a tad underwhelming in my experience, and it seems the case was similar to others too. However, the company responded in 2015 by hiring 50% more support staff and increasing access to engineers with more technical knowledge. There is less outrage about WP engine support these days when I have asked around.

WP engine mail: WP engine hosting doesn’t offer any mail hosting. So you cannot have an email that ends with your domain name. You can offset this with hosting your own email accounts. The WP engine mail fail can actually be a drawback for some people.

Last words

Despite the relative difference between WP engine pricing and other options available, WP engine hosting has been designed to power WP sites with loads of traffic in an easy and efficient way. If you are like me that always considers price, you can get extra two months when you pay for 1 year.

Tips to Reduce High Bounce Rate

Having visitors leave your landing page without browsing your site any further can be frustrating for any website owner whose objective is to attract web surfers and keep engaged on his site.

Having visitors leave your landing page without browsing your site any further can be frustrating for any website owner whose objective is to attract web surfers and keep engaged on his site. This isn’t dangerous situation in itself but may indicate that all is not well with your website.

A study carried out by KissMetrics, a web analytics company shows that bounce rate vary from one industry to another while the average bounce rate is 40% across all industries.  The following are bounce rates based on the category: content sites experience 40-60%;retail sites get 20-40% while service sites gets 10-30%.

Bounce rates is an indication that your site needs to be improved upon. Seemingly simple tweaks on your site components such as your web design, site navigation and your targeting efforts may be all that you need to drastically reduce bounce rate on your site.

  1. Focus on Attracting the Right Audience

Attract target audience to your site by employing the use of right keywords in your search engine optimization. Use only keywords relating to the contents of your site. It is very important to have the right visitors who can relate well to the content on your site, because these ones will be more inclined to browse your site further, and this will reduce site bounce rate. Make needed keyword alterations and adjustmentswhere necessary.

  1. Reconsider our site Navigation

Format your site to attract visitors. Pages should be formatted with target audience by using simple rich contents with a well-balanced white space background. Use visual aids such as images and also use bold call-to-actions when necessary.

The objective of a highly navigable site is to lead your target audience in the right direction and this has to be done in an uncomplicated manner. A good case study is the website Minneapolis Running, a site whose user interests determine the different types of drop down menus that are displayed on the website.

  1. Show target content to First Time Visitors

Audience Targeting toolscan be used to provide highly targeted content to engage first time visitors. Your site gets to display different messages depending on the visitor’s interests.

Another way to reduce bounce rates is to capture the attention of visitors when they are about to exit your site page by showing them targeted messages that prompt them to action. Additional information on this is provided at best practice.

  1. Use Content Recommendations to Increase Engagement

Use Content Recommendation tools ,an online tool that recommends relevant content found on your site to your visitor based on the visitor’s online activity. This is to encourage the visitor to browse your site further creating a deeper level of website engagement.  Studies have shown that personalized content recommendations have a 50% click-through rate than non-personalized recommendations.


  1. Be Mobile Friendly

Majority of people today, use their mobile devices to access the internet. For your website to capture a chunk of internet users who use this medium to access the internet, your site must become optimized to be accessible through mobile devices. A website ownertoday must develop mobile friendly sites in order to reduce bounce rates resulting from poor mobile site optimization.



Today, there is a plethora of websites publishing similar contents. It is estimated that about a billion websites are presently on the internet. If your site can not be easily accessed from a mobiledevice, it is very likely for visitors to leave your site for an easily accessible website having similar content to yours.



How to improve pagespeed of your WordPress blog.

download (11)

In the world we live in, speed is important. As things advance and things get increasingly better, you will need to be able to keep up if you want to compete and not get left behind. So it shouldn’t be the craziest idea for a person to make sure that their WordPress blog is at a nice and fast speed. Nobody likes to wait for things so don’t expect for people to tolerate waiting to view something on the internet. Don’t risk potential viewers for by having a slow blog.

According to a report by the Microsoft Bing search team, a 2-second longer delay in page responsiveness reduced user satisfaction by 3.8%, increased lost revenue per user by 4.3%, and a reduced clicks by 4.3%.

Google now incorporates site speed when it does its ranking. That implies that your site’s speed directly impacts its SEO, so if your site is slow, you will presently lose viewer from speed issues and will suffer diminished rankings in search engines as a result.

The hosting package you choose for your site has a big impact on your site’s speed. Don’t be cheap and use a cheaper alternative. In order for any one of your endeavors to be successful you need to invest into it properly. Make sure you spring for a good hosting company and package if you want a fast and successful site.

A caching plugin might also prove very useful in ensuring that your website is as quick as can be. These plugins drastically improve page loads time, and are free and easy to use. W3 Total Cache is the best possible caching plugin available. It provides you with all of the features that you need while being easy to install at the same time.

Another surprising thing that has a noticeable effect on the speed of your site is your choice of theme. Some themes are fast and very well coded while others carry many unneeded components that add nothing to your actual site.

The fastest possible loading framework is the Thesis Theme Framework. It is a whole lot better than the other basic WordPress themes and hold a lot of flexibility. It’s an incredibly solid framework that won’t slow you down with excess plugins or custom edits.

Compressing your site is also a great idea to add speed and to save bandwidth at the same time.Gzip is a great way to compress your site in the most effective way possible.

Gzip saves your site’s documents as ZIP files, sparing data bandwidth and accelerating page-loading times. At the point when a user visits your site, their program will naturally unzip the documents and reveal their content. This system for transmitting content from the server to the program is significantly more productive and spares a considerable measure of time.

Nobody has time to wait. Most things that people enjoy are fast and easy to access to if you want views you have to be fast in order to even compete with other blogs out there. Following these methods will easily improve the page speed of your blog and will naturally increase the viewership and SEO of your WordPress blog.