Top Super Models Secret to Clean Healthy Skin


You find you have blackheads on your nose and chin? Not to fret, blackheads are nothing but pores filled with sebum, which turns black upon contact with air. As the pores are generally larger in these areas, you get an unkempt appearance which may not be desirable.

Usually, you are advised to do a thorough special cleaning of the area, but not all of us have the time or access to a beauty salon. Why spend money when you can fix it at home?

31 Jul 2013, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA --- Black woman holding sliced avocado --- Image by © JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Corbis

All you need are 2 common ingredients that can be found in any household; Rice flour and lemon juice. Take half a teaspoon of rice flour and 5-6 drops of lemon juice and mix well. When you have achieved a paste like consistency, wash your face thoroughly removing any traces of makeup, moisturizers and other beauty creams. Apply the paste to the area which has blackheads and massage it into the area in a slow circular motion.

Due to the fineness of the rice flour, it manages to clean even the smallest pores while the lemon juice acts like a disinfectant and whitens your skin. After trying out this remedy you will notice clearer skin

Future Investments and the Power of Investing.

Did you know how you live today may be in one way or another influence your tomorrow? You can shape your future today through investing. There are individuals who lead good lives today only to suffer later as a result of poor planning and lack of concern about their future. If you are at the top of the ladder and not doing any future investment then that’s a big problem. Life is better when your tomorrow is more promising than your today and the opposite is the truth. Future investment is not for the chosen few but it should be done by every individual regardless of their social status. Beyond all doubts, investing for the future is magical and brings all the difference.

What is the meaning of future investment?

investments 3

Investing is precisely a tool meant to build wealth to secure your future. Most people go wrong when they assume that future investment should only be done by wealthy people. That’s a wrong assumption. As a matter of fact, future investment can be done by anyone. In other words, you don’t need to have a loaded bank account in order to start a future investment program. The little you have can change your future a great deal. However, future investment is not a scheme to make you get rich overnight. Absolutely not!

What’s the Importance of investing for the future?

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Your money works for you

Life seems quite boring to many people since they work for money whereas it should be the opposite. Your money should always work for you -and enable you to earn more money without necessarily earning the extra cash yourself. This is exactly what future investments helps you achieve.

Provides money for probable future needs without straining

There are anticipated future needs and others that are less expected yet important. Investing for the future will help you meet these needs without any stress. In that case, you don’t have to spend a sleepless night in the future just because you have not cleared your bills.

High returns

Profits got from investment are in other words known as returns. Investing with the aim of securing your future leads to high returns in the long run. That means you won’t have anything to lose but you will have everything to gain. The high returns will allow you to lead a better life at the comfort of your home if need be. Note that riskier future investment results to extremely high returns.

Classic lifestyle

Future investments have what it takes to change your lifestyle. You can upgrade your status by simply starting a future investment plan. The high returns got from investments will give you the wings to fly to the next status with ease. You don’t have to dream about a better life forever. The time to start implementing your dream is now or never. It is simple! Safeguard your future and that of your loved ones through investments and you will love the outcome.

Reduced anxiety

Investing for the future literally means that you will no longer have to worry about your future so much. This, in turn, gives you some inner peace-making the world a better place to be for you and your loved ones. With that said, if you can`t start investing for the future today then start right now! Life is better that way!




Good health they say is a sign of good living. Whenever you start experiencing health challenges it is a sign that something is not right with the way you live your life or with you medically. It may have to do with your lifestyle, habits you have learned or nurtured over time, what you eat, and how you take care of yourself. Obesity is a sickness that can be as a result of our lifestyle, habits, genetic factor, lack of exercise, etc. We are looking at obesity in men, how it affects men health. Naturally, men like to be fit and agile always, but with obesity, they go out of shape and lose their fitness and agility. Obesity is a sickness because like other ailments it can be treated medically and can be cured or managed. It is not a death sentence and it can just come even when you are trying all you can to prevent it. But as a man, you should not accept to just live with it as it affects your health negatively. It can kill and reduces one lifespan if left unchecked.

Obesity is a term used to describe excessive body weight and size. It results from an excess accumulation of fats in the body. Fats build up in your body and adds to your body weight while increasing your body size. It is becoming a growing problem in men today. Men in time past by nature are akin to doing hard work thereby burning excess fat in the body from time to time, but today we do more of mental rather than manual work as men the reverse is now the case. Use of computers and advances in technology has made work easier for us today. Men no longer have to exact so much energy to get things done. This inactivity in men today adds to the problem of obesity in men.

We have men that are not just overweight but are now obese. Obesity is not the same thing as overweight, obesity is a disease but overweight is not. One can be overweight and fit while when you are obese you lose fitness. Obesity medically is when what is called you body mass index is 30 kg/m2 but for an overweight individual, it is less. Someone can be overweight but still maintains his shape but obesity makes you be out of shape. The only similarity is that overweight can lead to obesity. As pointed out already obesity in men has become a growing problem that needs to be addressed by men. It puts men health in jeopardy if not addressed, makes you unhappy and stressed up as a man as you no longer find it easy to enjoy a normal life as a man.

Obesity is very dangerous it can cause one to suffer from high blood pressure, heart attack, cancer, stroke, diabetes, male impotence, sudden death, etc. Obesity in men affects their productivity and fruitfulness. It can cause impotency in men. It is a disease that affects one’s wellness and fitness. It can be a silent killer. You need to take a step to tackle this menace without delays.

The image below shows an obese man and someone that is not obese. this image from Wikipedia.



Obesity in men can be attributed to several factors some of which we are going to look at briefly to help you understand why you may be obese as a man. Obesity in men is as a result of some controllable factors as we are going to see below. It is becoming common in men today due to changing times that we have found ourselves in today. Some of these causes are as follows:

  • Overeating- when one consumes too much food
  • Eating too much junk food- when one consumes fried foods high in fats such as snacks, fast foods instead of normal meal most of the time.
  • Lack of exercise- when one does not exercise most of the time, used to sitting in one place and working in a relaxed environment without exercising.
  • Hereditary- when it is in one’s gene.
  • When on certain medication- some medications have the ability to cause an increase in body weight and size.
  • Some form of mental disorder
  • Excess intake of alcohol





Obesity in men can be prevented or controlled if one starts early to do something about the problem and seek help. As we have pointed out it can be caused by lifestyle and habit aside from ones that are inherited from our parents. With one properly taking care of his health one can prevent and control this obesity. Some of the preventive measures one can adopt are as follows:

  • Eating the right diet that is less in fats
  • Exercising properly- by going to the gym
  • Seeking medical attention early if it runs through your gene
  • Avoiding some habits such as too much intake of alcohol and alcoholic beverages
  • Less consumption of soft drinks and food with sugar
  • More consumption of vegetables and fruits
  • Spending less time sitting in one place
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Regularly checking one’s weight



When one becomes obese, they can seek medical attention. Aside from adopting some of the preventive measures mentioned above, there are other means medically that can be used to treat obesity in men. Use of weight loss drugs, placing one on a special diet that can bring about weight loss, and most importantly use of surgery to remove the excess fat from the body. Recommended exercises by your doctor with the use of some prescription drugs will help. Once again to be obese is not a death sentence, you can get help if you consult your doctor. For you to live longer you have to seek help immediately, the earlier you seek help it will be better for you.

See your doctor today and save your own life. Life does not have duplicate, just one life to live and you need to enjoy it.







Automobile or vehicles are peculiar in nature, there is need to insure them, they are usually insured against accident, against theft, or any other damage that they may incur or sustain during usage. The insurance cover guarantees or serves as an indemnity against loss of vehicle, and damage to the vehicle that can arise from or in connection with the use of vehicles, it also covers third party risks.

What is Automobile Insurance?


This is a policy whereby an insurer(the insurance company) agrees to insure any form of vehicle specified in the policy document against certain risks or damages or against their loss for the insured( the owner of the vehicle) who agrees to pay premium monthly for this service. There are so many types of vehicles, and in so many countries of the world, the government laws are usually put in place to ensure that all vehicles that are road worthy get one form of insurance cover or the other because of prevalent risks associated with them. The vehicles include private cars, commercial vehicles, tricycles, agricultural and forestry vehicles, bicycles, trucks, lorries, earth moving equipment that move on the road, etc. anything that moves on wheels and runs on the road needs to be insured against one form of vehicle insurance or the other.

Types of Auto Insurance.

There are three main covers under vehicle insurance. They are as follows: third party only insurance cover, third party fire and theft insurance, and comprehensive policy cover. We look at them one after the other.

  1. Third party only vehicle insurance- this provides statutory insurance protection, it covers the insured for death or injury to a third party arising from the use of the vehicle as well as damage to property of a third party. It covers all cost and expense as a result of injuries or damages sustained by a third party. It also covers expenses for the death of a third party, and any compensation required to settle the third party.


  1. Third party fire and theft- this aside from third party cover also provides succor in the event of loss or damage to the vehicle as a result of fire or theft. Fire can cause some damages or total loss to the vehicle, the cover guarantees that the cost of the reinstatement and replacement is taken care of. In the event of loss, the company bears part payment according to what is contained in the policy statement

3.   Comprehensive policy-this also covers third-party, fire, and theft, but in addition, covers all forms of loss or damage to the vehicle by any form of accident or collision even own damage (when one accidentally damages own vehicle). This policy covers also medical expenses, personal effects, the cost of replacement, etc. it is universal in nature. The only thing here that makes it special for it to provide this wide cover is payment of high premium. The comprehensive nature of the insurance makes it that the event of loss of vehicle, the insurer after investigation will make a good cost of replacement.


Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

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WP Engine Review


Web hosting is a critical part of the jigsaw when creating an online presence. If you fail to choose appropriately, you could be hurting your online business in the long run. Choosing the right web hosting for your site is akin to house-hunting; all things equal, it doesn’t make any sense renting an apartment in an area with security issues, or an area where it takes so much time for visitors to get to your house.

The same applies to web hosting – web hosts must offer your site security, fast loading times and robust servers that make your hosting experience seamless. This can be especially daunting for WP blogs and site owners whose sites generate loads of traffic. One of the options available to such people is WP engine. WP engine is a web hosting service provider for WP installations and plug-ins only. In this article, I shall be reviewing WP engine – the technicalities and non-technicalities, who it is for, and what you get for what price.

The Technicalities

In my experience using WP Engine to host some websites, here some of the things I loved about WP engine:

Simple to use panel and migration: Can you remember how you felt when you first logged into your cPanel? Well, the feeling is quite the opposite with WP engine panel, if cPanel felt overwhelming, this felt a little underwhelming – and for good reasons. The idea is to remove as many hassles from you and leave you to run your business. Moving my WP site was also a breeze.

Security: Security is a serious matter for all blogs and sites; thankfully, WP engine hosting has got you covered in this regard. With a “Proprietary adaptable intrusion detection and prevention system” to handle threats such as JS/SQL injection attacks and XML-RPC attacks, WP engine keeps your site safe. Additionally, WP engine hosting uses “multiple firewalls”, “network monitoring tools”, and “blocks identified IP addresses of spammers and hackers.”

Speed: With the use of features such as CDN (content delivery network), EverCache system, and the use of a front-end layer would boost the speed of your site. My WP site loading time cut into a third of what it was. Have your images and all kinds of media on your site? Then WP engine might be perfect for you.

A staging site: WP engine hosting allows site owners to test their sites before going live. You can make changes and see how it is before publishing it for the public.

WP engine backup:  WP engine backup ensures your site is backed up daily and also offers a one-click restore point should anything go wrong.

The non-technicalities

For starters, it is only a hosting platform for WP installation and plug-ins. Asides this, if you are running a WP blog/site and you are considering migrating, consider the following factors:

WP engine pricing: WP engine pricing is relatively more expensive than your regular shared server. Cost is always a relative factor for people; however, the deciding factor should be the state of your site. If you are just starting out, then it might be wise to start with a shared hosting. If traffic to the site increases, you can easily migrate your WP sites to a more robust managed WP hosting like WP Engine. You can check out their plans and see which fits your needs.

WP engine support: I must admit that the support was a tad underwhelming in my experience, and it seems the case was similar to others as well. However, the company responded in 2015 by hiring 50% more support staff and increasing access to engineers with more technical knowledge. There is less outrage about WP engine support these days when I have asked around.

WP engine mail: WP engine hosting doesn’t offer any mail hosting. So you cannot have an email that ends with your domain name. You can offset this with hosting your own email accounts. The WP engine mail fails can actually be a drawback for some people.

Last words

Despite the relative difference between WP engine pricing and other options available, WP engine hosting has been designed to power WP sites with loads of traffic in an easy and efficient way. If you are like me that always considers price, you can get extra two months when you pay for 1 year.