Good health they say is a sign of good living. Whenever you start experiencing health challenges it is a sign that something is not right with the way you live your life or with you medically. It may have to do with your lifestyle, habits you have learned or nurtured over time, what you eat, and how you take care of yourself. Obesity is a sickness that can be as a result of our lifestyle, habits, genetic factor, lack of exercise, etc. We are looking at obesity in men, how it affects men health. Naturally, men like to be fit and agile always, but with obesity, they go out of shape and lose their fitness and agility. Obesity is a sickness because like other ailments it can be treated medically and can be cured or managed. It is not a death sentence and it can just come even when you are trying all you can to prevent it. But as a man, you should not accept to just live with it as it affects your health negatively. It can kill and reduces one lifespan if left unchecked.

Obesity is a term used to describe excessive body weight and size. It results from an excess accumulation of fats in the body. Fats build up in your body and adds to your body weight while increasing your body size. It is becoming a growing problem in men today. Men in time past by nature are akin to doing hard work thereby burning excess fat in the body from time to time, but today we do more of mental rather than manual work as men the reverse is now the case. Use of computers and advances in technology has made work easier for us today. Men no longer have to exact so much energy to get things done. This inactivity in men today adds to the problem of obesity in men.

We have men that are not just overweight but are now obese. Obesity is not the same thing as overweight, obesity is a disease but overweight is not. One can be overweight and fit while when you are obese you lose fitness. Obesity medically is when what is called you body mass index is 30 kg/m2 but for an overweight individual, it is less. Someone can be overweight but still maintains his shape but obesity makes you be out of shape. The only similarity is that overweight can lead to obesity. As pointed out already obesity in men has become a growing problem that needs to be addressed by men. It puts men health in jeopardy if not addressed, makes you unhappy and stressed up as a man as you no longer find it easy to enjoy a normal life as a man.

Obesity is very dangerous it can cause one to suffer from high blood pressure, heart attack, cancer, stroke, diabetes, male impotence, sudden death, etc. Obesity in men affects their productivity and fruitfulness. It can cause impotency in men. It is a disease that affects one’s wellness and fitness. It can be a silent killer. You need to take a step to tackle this menace without delays.

The image below shows an obese man and someone that is not obese. this image from Wikipedia.



Obesity in men can be attributed to several factors some of which we are going to look at briefly to help you understand why you may be obese as a man. Obesity in men is as a result of some controllable factors as we are going to see below. It is becoming common in men today due to changing times that we have found ourselves in today. Some of these causes are as follows:

  • Overeating- when one consumes too much food
  • Eating too much junk food- when one consumes fried foods high in fats such as snacks, fast foods instead of normal meal most of the time.
  • Lack of exercise- when one does not exercise most of the time, used to sitting in one place and working in a relaxed environment without exercising.
  • Hereditary- when it is in one’s gene.
  • When on certain medication- some medications have the ability to cause an increase in body weight and size.
  • Some form of mental disorder
  • Excess intake of alcohol





Obesity in men can be prevented or controlled if one starts early to do something about the problem and seek help. As we have pointed out it can be caused by lifestyle and habit aside from ones that are inherited from our parents. With one properly taking care of his health one can prevent and control this obesity. Some of the preventive measures one can adopt are as follows:

  • Eating the right diet that is less in fats
  • Exercising properly- by going to the gym
  • Seeking medical attention early if it runs through your gene
  • Avoiding some habits such as too much intake of alcohol and alcoholic beverages
  • Less consumption of soft drinks and food with sugar
  • More consumption of vegetables and fruits
  • Spending less time sitting in one place
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Regularly checking one’s weight



When one becomes obese, they can seek medical attention. Aside from adopting some of the preventive measures mentioned above, there are other means medically that can be used to treat obesity in men. Use of weight loss drugs, placing one on a special diet that can bring about weight loss, and most importantly use of surgery to remove the excess fat from the body. Recommended exercises by your doctor with the use of some prescription drugs will help. Once again to be obese is not a death sentence, you can get help if you consult your doctor. For you to live longer you have to seek help immediately, the earlier you seek help it will be better for you.

See your doctor today and save your own life. Life does not have duplicate, just one life to live and you need to enjoy it.





It’s quite rare to find a woman who doesn’t take beauty seriously. On the other hand, most men seem to relish the caveman look and as such spend little time seeking ways to improve their looks and grooming themselves.

The feet are a much neglected part of the anatomy, for most men anyway. There are so many men walking around with corns and calluses and generally bad looking feet that you would be forgiven for thinking the hobbits weren’t really fictional characters. This is surprising because it’s quite easy to care for the feet. You don’t have to spend tens or hundreds of dollars in a salon; you could take care of your feet in the comfort of your own home.

The first and most obvious is to trim your toenails regularly. This isn’t difficult; a pair of nail cutters and a file is all you need. Trim the toenails making sure not to cut to deep, to avoid ingrowing toenails and then use a file to smoothen the edges. You should know that untrimmed toenails are major causes of black nails and blisters.

Some of you have really hard nails, I got you covered. All you need is a bowl of hot water, not piping hot, you’re not trying to cook. Pour some cold water until it’s hot enough to be tolerated and soak your feet in it for five to ten minutes. This should soften the nails up and make it easier to trim.

Since you’ve already got your leg in the hot water, you might as well take the opportunity to take care of those corns and calluses. A pumice stone is a rough stone that can be found in most beauty shops, use one to gently rub over the rough skin and removing the dead skin. It is important not to use razor blades or sharp objects on your feet. You can never be too careful and injuries are just a route for infections to enter your feet.

Most foot infections occur around the toes, this is because between the toes are hard to reach so are rarely cleaned. These areas are also slightly warmer than others which favor growth of infection causing organisms. If there is suspicion of an infection, see a doctor.

Many people, I’m looking at men again, are top embarrassed to remove their shoes in public because of the fouling of the air that is sure to follow. That easy to take care of too, all you need is careful washing of the feet and good care of your socks and shoes. There are many documented easy for getting rid of foul odors in shoes like stuffing newspapers in them overnight. Also avoid wearing socks and shoes for a prolonged period of time as most shoe and feet odors are caused by sweat.

These few tips should be able to get your feet in top shape, so this summer; you can finally wear those pair of sandals you have been saving since three summers ago, and you know…walk the walk.



With You in Mind

There are a plenty smokers out there. Men catch up with smoking quickly under the influence of friends and peers. However, it takes time for women to undertake this habit. Statistically speaking, there are more men addicted to smoking than women and this brings out a very niche topic in question – male health.

According to a survey, 56% percent of all men and 43% of all women smoke whilst socializing. This is a serious issue which addresses male health as more than half the men in the world have caught up with this dreadful carcinogenic habit which over time, inherently affects their health.

However, this is not all. There are several male health problems predominant in the society. Heart diseases are prevalent among most black men as compared to white men.  Also, there have been about 2.8 million men who have had stroke attacks and high blood pressure. Moving on from heart diseases, the other most common diseases COPD and several other respiratory diseases which claim problems regarding to male health.

Apart from smoking, men are also fond of consuming copious amounts of alcohol from time to time. This might seem like a social trait; however, it has huge effects on male health. The average alcohol drinker gets vulnerable to cancer of the mouth, throat, oesophagus, liver and colon. Depression might be a very uncommon reason that affect male health, however the staggering statistics suggest otherwise. Depression usually leads to suicide among men, but also leads to several other innumerable problems.

Accidents are another reason, while driving under depression or operating heavy equipments under the influence could lead to fatal injuries or injuries that drastically affect the health of men. Liver disease is up next on the list of the common effects of male health. Cirrhosis, viral hepatitis, liver cancer and so on are diseases which mainly hit the male population. Diabetes awareness has been out there for some time now, however, death due to diabetes is also a common example. People tend to ignore diabetes and it has huge effects on male health. HIV or AIDS is next on the list considering the unprotected intercourse habits of most males. This leads to deadly diseases which negatively affect male health.